Savvy resellers and vendors realize that thermal paper roll is a small but lucrative business. So instead of importing small finished rolls, they buy jumbo rolls in bulk and cut them in their factories. In this case, they will require thermal paper jumbo rolls.

Thermal paper jumbo rolls are also called big rolls, master rolls, or mother rolls. Because of their big sizes, manufacturers and converters can slit them into small finished rolls to gain profit. However, with so many different brands and types of jumbo rolls on the market, how can you be sure you’re buying the right product for your business needs? This comprehensive guide will teach you everything you need to know about thermal paper jumbo rolls.

By the time you’re done reading, you will be more equipped on thermal paper and can choose the perfect jumbo roll for your business. So let’s get started.

1. Consider The Size

Thermal paper jumbo rolls

Thermal paper jumbo rolls  Source: Panda Paper Roll

Thermal paper jumbo roll size is described in this way: width x length x core.

Take an example:

  • The typical jumbo roll size is 401mm x 6000mm x 76mm, the jumbo roll width is 401mm, the roll length is 6000m, and the core (inside the paper roll) is 76mm (3”).
  • For another jumbo roll size 790mm x 12000m x 76mm, the width is 790mm, the length is 12000m, and the core size is 76mm.

We have explained why the jumbo roll width is crucial in this article. To produce a 79mm width thermal roll size, you must use a jumbo roll with a width divisible by 79mm, like 558mm or 636mm. To produce a 56mm width thermal roll size, you must use a jumbo roll with a width divisible by 56mm, like 565mm or 844mm.

  • The jumbo roll widths to produce 79mm thermal paper roll: 401mm, 558mm, 636mm, 716mm, and 795mm, etc.
  • The jumbo roll widths to produce 56mm thermal paper roll: 565mm, 844mm, etc.
  • The jumbo roll lengths vary from 5500m to 12000m depending on paper gsm.

Here below is a list of common thermal jumbo roll sizes:

  • 401mm x 6000m x 76mm
  • 558mm x 5800m x 76mm
  • 565mm x 8000m x 76mm
  • 636mm x 9000m x 76mm
  • 790mm x 12000m x 76mm
  • 795mm x 8000m x 76mm
  • 800mm x 10000m x 76mm

2. Inspect the GSM

GSM, or grams per square meter, is the metric measurement of paper density. It is essential when choosing a thermal paper jumbo roll because a higher GSM generally means better quality and a longer lifespan. In some industries, such as healthcare, where thermal paper is commonly used for receipts and patient wristbands, a longer lifespan is essential to avoid needing to replace rolls frequently.

For example, a paper with a high GSM rating will be much less likely to tear or crumple than a thinner paper with a lower GSM rating. This makes high-GSM papers ideal for applications where durability is essential, such as printing labels or receipts.

The common GSM of thermal paper jumbo rolls in the market are:

  • 48gsm
  • 55gsm
  • 60gsm
  • 65gsm
  • 70gsm

3. Choose a Premium Brand

Thermal paper coating

Thermal paper coating process Source: Panda Paper Roll

A premium brand of thermal paper will provide a print-out image with better performance. The premium brand uses a higher quality coating that is resistant to fading. In addition, it will often provide sharper images. This is because the coating on a premium brand of paper is applied evenly, resulting in less bleed and greater clarity.

We have listed the world’s top 10 best thermal paper mills in this article. We recommend you compare the products of Koehler Paper, Hansol paper, Mitsubishi Paper, and Oji Paper, to name a few. Remember that a premium brand of paper will often be more durable than a lower quality paper. It means that it will stand up better to repeated handling and exposure to elements such as heat and humidity.

4. Consider the Quality of the Paper

thermal paper jumbo roll loading

Thermal paper jumbo rolls loading Source: Panda Paper Roll

Quality thermal paper is crucial for ensuring your customers have a positive experience with your product. It directly impacts how smoothly the roll feeds through a printer, how well images print on the receipt, and how long it lasts before it fades. Our previous blog post covered the six attributes of a quality thermal paper, which you should consider.

Paper sensibility refers to a thermal paper’s ability to print sharp images without smudging or blobbing. Smoothness is also crucial because it affects how well the paper feeds through the printer. Meanwhile, the paper’s whiteness impacts the contrast of the printed image, while coating helps to protect against ink smearing. Archivability refers to a paper’s ability to withstand fading over time.

5. Check the Price

Price is always an important consideration, especially when buying in bulk. The product price can vary significantly from one supplier to the next. In addition, the price of thermal paper can fluctuate depending on market conditions.

It’s important to work with a supplier who offers competitive prices and is willing to provide the best possible prices. The jumbo rolls are sold per ton or square meter to give you an overview of how to compute and compare prices. There’s a formula to do the conversion.

For example, for 55gsm thermal paper, the price is $1,500 per ton, which can also be $0.0825 per square meter (0.055 × 1,500 ÷ 1,000). The other example, for 65gsm thermal paper, the price is $1400 per ton, it can also be explained as $0.091 per square meter (0.065 × 1,400 ÷ 1,000).

The formula is: price per square meter = GSM × 0.001 × price per ton ÷ 1,000.

FAQs on Thermal Paper Jumbo Rolls

jumbo rolls thermal paper

Here are some of the common questions that people ask about thermal paper jumbo rolls:

  • How long does thermal paper last?

The lifespan of a thermal print depends on many factors, such as how it is stored, the type of printer used, and the printing conditions. In general, however, if stored properly, it can last up to three years from the manufactured date.

  • How do I store my thermal paper jumbo rolls?

You should store your thermal paper jumbo rolls in a cool, dry warehouse away from direct sunlight or heat sources. Ideally, the humidity of the storage room should be between 45 percent to 60 percent, and the temperature is about 25 degrees Celsius. We also recommend storing your rolls in an upright position to help prevent them from unrolling and becoming damaged.

  • What is the difference between thermal paper and bond paper?

Bond paper is a type of standard office printer paper made from wood pulp. Thermal paper, on the other hand, is a specialized paper that turns black when exposed to heat. Thermal paper does not require ink or toner to produce images, making it ideal for use in fax machines, cash registers, and point-of-sale terminals.

Final Thoughts

Thermal paper jumbo rolls are an essential part of many businesses. If you’re in the market for some, you must consider a few factors before making your purchase. The size of the roll must be considered – you want to make sure it will fit in your slitting machine – and you should also inspect the GSM to ensure that the paper is high quality. Choosing a reputable brand is also important, as low-quality thermal paper can cause problems with printing. Finally, price is always a consideration, so compare prices before buying. If you have any questions or need help finding the right product for your business, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re experts in thermal paper jumbo rolls and would be happy to assist you.

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