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ATM paper is a specialized thermal paper designed for ATMs. The ATM paper can be used in various locations, including banks, financial institutions, retail outlets, and convenience stores. When the customer completes the transaction in an ATM, the ATM will print out the paper, which can help you keep track of your account balance and other important information.

Our ATM paper rolls are made from high-quality thermal paper, ensuring sharp and enduring prints. Also, they are fast to install and easy to maintain in ATMs. They are compatible with major ATM brands such as NCR, Diebold, Wincor Nixdorf, and many others. Furthermore, we can print black sensor marks or your brand, logo, terms & conditions on the paper for advertising purposes.

Elevate your ATM transactions with Panda Paper Roll’s superior ATM paper roll products! Don’t settle for less – choose the best ATM paper for your ATM needs.

Custom ATM Paper Roll Solution from Panda Paper Roll

Panda Paper Roll can produce the appropriate ATM paper rolls for all major ATM brands and models. Whether it is thermal paper in a wide range of grammages or wood-free uncoated papers, we have the solution to meet your specific needs.

  • Premium Quality Thermal Paper: Our ATM paper is made from high-quality thermal paper, ensuring sharp and enduring prints.
  • Precision Dimensions: Our ATM paper rolls are precisely manufactured to fit seamlessly into various ATM models. Say goodbye to hassles caused by incompatible paper sizes.
  • Reliable Performance: Our rolls are designed to minimize paper jams and ensure uninterrupted service, enhancing the efficiency of your ATMs.
  • Compatibility with Major Brands: Our ATM rolls are fully compatible with major ATM brands such as NCR, Diebold Nixdorf, GRG, Hyosung, and Hitachi. Ensure a hassle-free fit and superior performance with our industry-approved rolls.

FAQs on ATM Paper Roll Products

We usually need the following 4 parameters to describe ATM paper size:

  1. Width: Typically measured in millimeters (mm). Common widths include 80mm and 76mm, with 80mm being the most popular.
  2. Diameter: This refers to the overall outer diameter of the roll, including the paper and core, also measured in mm. Common diameters range from 150mm to 250mm.
  3. Core diameter: This is the diameter of the central cardboard core, measured in mm. Common core diameters are 17mm and 25mm.
  4. Grammage: This refers to the weight of the paper per square meter (gsm). It indicates the thickness and density of the paper. For ATM paper, grammage typically ranges from 48gsm to 70gsm, each gsm stands for different quality and price.

Yes, we can offer pre-printing services on ATM paper rolls. We use the 6-color flexography printing machines in our factory to print your logo, branding, promotional messages, or any other relevant information on the ATM paper.

Whether you require simple branding or intricate designs, our team can work with you to ensure your pre-printed ATM paper rolls meet your specific requirements. Please contact us for more information and to discuss your customization needs.

No, ATM paper is not made only from thermal paper. While thermal paper is definitely the most common type used due to its fast and ink-free printing, there are actually two main options:

1. Thermal paper: This is the most prevalent choice. It uses a heat-sensitive coating that reacts to the ATM’s thermal head without using the ribbons, producing dark text and images. It can deliver fast-speed printing.

2. Wood-free uncoated paper: This is a more premium option offering several advantages:

  • Durability: The print lasts longer and resists fading than thermal paper, which is especially important for long-term record-keeping.
  • Security: Certain varieties can be enhanced with features like watermarks or chemical indicators.
  • Cheaper: Woodfree paper has a relatively lower cost than thermal paper.

So you’d better check the paper type before ordering the ATM rolls. And our company can offer both options for the ATM paper.

Here are a few ways to find out the ATM paper roll size for your ATMs:

  1. Check the User Manual: Most ATM machines come with a user manual with information about compatible paper roll sizes, including width, diameter, and core diameter. It’s always best to refer to the official documentation first.
  2. Look for Specifications Online: If you don’t have the user manual handy, you can try searching online for your specific ATM model. The manufacturer’s website usually has detailed information about compatible consumables like paper rolls.
  3. Measure the Existing Roll: You can measure the dimensions of the existing paper roll with a ruler.
  4. Contact the ATM Manufacturer: You can always contact the ATM manufacturer or your service provider directly. They should be able to provide you with the correct paper roll size information for your machine.

You can usually find the black marks on ATM paper rolls. These marks are typically small, rectangular, and placed at specific intervals along the edge of the paper roll.

As the paper feeds through the ATM, an optical sensor detects the black marks, signaling the machine to advance the paper by a defined distance (usually equal to the distance between the marks).

This precise control eliminates the risk of overfeeding or underfeeding, ensuring proper printing location and avoiding jams or wasted paper.

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