Ultrasound Thermal Paper

Ultrasound thermal paper is designed to print high-resolution images for diagnostic imaging applications. Our ultrasound thermal paper is made from a special synthetic thermal paper material that offers high print performance similar to Sony’s original thermal print media. It is ideal for hospitals, clinics, veterinary and pharmaceutical industries, and other healthcare facilities.

Our ultrasound thermal paper provides an excellent replacement for Sony paper. It matches Sony’s original print media in terms of paper GSM, thickness, whiteness, gloss, and print performance. It is engineered to produce clear and precise images with high resolution, contrast, and brightness.

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Our Ultrasound Thermal Paper Features

ultrasound black print media
sony replacement paper

The Affordable Black and White Thermal Print Media

Ultrasound thermal paper, also known as sonography paper, plays a critical role in medical imaging. It directly impacts the quality of captured images, ultimately affecting diagnoses and patient care. With so many choices available, choosing the right paper can feel overwhelming.

Panda Paper Roll takes pride in being one of the few factories in China capable of manufacturing Sony-equivalent ultrasound thermal paper. Our paper’s print performance matches Sony’s original product by 95%, while our cost is only 50% to 60% of Sony’s original paper.

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The Common Types of Ultrasound Thermal Paper

Paper TypeStandard Thermal PaperHigh-Density Thermal PaperHigh-Gloss Thermal Paper
GlossinessMatteMatteHigh Gloss
CompatibilityCompatible with most standard ultrasound printersCompatible with high-density ultrasound printersCompatible with high-gloss ultrasound printers
Typical UseGeneral ultrasound recordingDetailed ultrasound recordingThe highest quality image recording

A great substitute for SONY paper

The Best Sony Equivalent Ultrasound Print Paper

Our ultrasound thermal paper is made from thermal synthetic material from Japan. It is designed with high gloss and printability and shows good durability and resolution. Explore the features of our ultrasound thermal paper below:

  • Made from Japanese synthetic thermal paper material, our paper can deliver clear, stable, long-lasting prints.
  • Our paper has excellent image sharpness, contrast, and gradations with minimum print curling as Sony original paper.
  • Easy tearing along the cross direction. Built-in anti-electrostatic layer to protect the thermal head.
  • Compatible with Sony & Mitsubishi ultrasound machines and a wide range of other medical printing applications.
  • For bulk orders, the price can be negotiable, and OEM production with your brand is available.

Sony Equivalent Ultrasound Paper

Our Ultrasound Thermal Paper Gallery

Discover the exceptional print quality of our ultrasound thermal paper, as demonstrated by real customer use.

FAQs on Ultrasound Thermal Paper

The ultrasound thermal paper is designed specifically for medical imaging applications, such as ultrasounds, fetal monitoring, etc., while the normal thermal paper is used for printing receipts and labels at cash registers, point-of-sale systems, etc.

Additionally, the ultrasound thermal paper offers greater detail and clarity for accurate reading of medical images. It is usually thicker and smoother than normal paper. Furthermore, ultrasound thermal paper costs much more than normal paper.

Remember: Never substitute normal thermal paper for ultrasound thermal paper in medical applications. Doing so can result in poor image quality, inaccurate diagnoses, and potential health risks.

Sony’s medical printers use a direct thermal method. In this method, a thermal head makes direct contact with thermal paper and uses heat to record an image. The precise heat transfer reproduces smooth gradation within images and a high print quality. Plus, because it doesn’t require ink or ribbons, the printer can be virtually maintenance-free and compact, making it easy to mount on medical carts.

No, ultrasound thermal paper typically does not deliver colorful images.

Ultrasound machines use thermal paper to produce monochromatic images. The paper relies on heat activation (from the printer head) to produce images. Special coatings react to different temperature levels, creating shades of black and gray but not colors.

If you are looking for color print media, you can check this link from the Sony website.


You can follow these steps to store the unused ultrasound thermal rolls:

  1. Keep in Original Packaging: Store the rolls in their original packaging to protect them from dust, moisture, and light exposure.
  2. Cool & Dry Location: Store the rolls in a cool, dry area away from direct sunlight and heat sources, such as radiators or vents, to prevent damage to the thermal coating.
  3. Avoid Humidity: Protect the rolls from high humidity environments as moisture can degrade the paper quality and affect print performance.
  4. First In, First Out: Use older rolls first to avoid expired paper affecting image quality.

Yes, we can provide OEM production for ultrasound paper in bulk orders. This means we can customize the paper with your brand logo, design, and packaging according to your specific needs.

Please note: Minimum order quantities (MOQ) may apply for OEM production. We recommend contacting our sales team to discuss your specific needs.

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