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Our goal is to be a strong and reliable partner – helping you build credibility, loyalty and business revenue growth. As more and more people are using the receipt paper in shopping mall, gas station or wherever they go, the product market is predictably huge. It would be good for you to join our distribution network since you’d benefit from our reliable products and best price you cannot get from other suppliers. Also we can support you by the prior delivery and favorable financial policy. We can also offer exclusive sales rights in your market if we have built enough trust.

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Partner Network

Choosing Panda Paper Roll as your distribution partner could well be the SMARTEST decision you make for your business. If you are interested in becoming our partner, please contact us, we would be delighted to have you share in the benefits of representing and selling our products.

Region Country Region Country
UAE Singapore
Kuwait Malaysia
Israel Indonesia
Bahrain Australia
Oman EUROPE & THE AMERICAS United Kingdom
Lebanon United States
AFRICA South Africa Ireland
Zimbabwe Canada
Botswana Iceland
Ghana Sweden
Mozabique Denmark
Tanzania Greece
Uganda Finland
Nigeria Norway
Senegal Malata
Cameroon Greece

The Benefits of Being our Agent:

  • A workable website that will attract traffic and create sales for you, like Panda Paper Roll website.
  • Free industry training, including marketing skills to get customers, negotiation skills to win big orders.
  • The best prices in the industry backed by a Low Price Guarantee.
  • Links to your website to help your pages be found on Google.
  • Free online marketing advice for your website.
  • Other benefits you cannot find from other suppliers.