Bond & Carbonless Paper Rolls

Our bond and carbonless paper rolls are perfect for use with impact printers, dot matrix printers, kitchen printers, and more, in numerous establishments such as restaurants, hotels, and retail stores. They offer crisp, clear, and durable printing with the use of ribbons.

The carbonless paper rolls are ideal for receipts, invoices, order forms, and any other documents that require duplicate or triplicate copies, saving time and reducing errors.

With Panda Paper Roll’s bond & carbonless paper products, you can streamline your operations, improve efficiency, and provide better service to your customers. Order the paper rolls from us and upgrade your printing experience today!

Panda carbonless paper rolls

Organized and Efficient Printing

High-Quality Bond and Carbonless Paper Rolls from Panda Paper Roll

Our single-ply bond paper rolls and 2-ply, 3-ply carbonless paper rolls are designed for use with impact printers and receipt printers, utilizing ribbons for optimal printing. They are perfect for business forms, bills, invoices, receipts, and various other documents.

  • Clear and sharp prints: Our bond and carbonless paper rolls deliver sharp, clear, and consistent prints, ensuring your documents look professional every time.
  • Effortless duplication: No need for messy carbon sheets or extra copies. Simply print, and the copies are generated automatically.

  • Multi-Ply Options: Choose from single-ply bond paper rolls or multi-ply carbonless paper rolls (2-ply, 3-ply) for effortless duplication and clear copies.

  • Compatible with most printers: Designed to work seamlessly with impact printers and receipt printers, our paper rolls offer flexibility for various printing needs.

FAQs on Carbonless Paper Rolls

Carbonless paper rolls are a type of paper that allows you to create copies of documents without the need for carbon paper. They are coated with special chemicals that react to pressure, transferring the image from one sheet to the next.

The products are commonly used to create receipts, invoices, work orders, and other forms requiring multiple copies. They are also popular in the healthcare industry for creating medical forms and patient records.

The carbonless paper rolls work based on a chemical reaction between two different types of coatings that are applied to the paper. This technology allows for the transfer of typed information from the top sheet to subsequent sheets without the need for carbon paper between each layer.

2-ply Carbonless Paper

Top Sheet (CB – Coated Back): Has a special coating on the back. When you write or print on it, pressure breaks tiny capsules in the coating, releasing ink.

Bottom Sheet (CF – Coated Front): Coated on the front. The released ink from the top sheet reacts with this coating, making a copy of what’s written or printed on the top sheet.

3-ply Carbonless Paper

Top Sheet (CB): Works just like the top sheet in 2-ply paper, with a coating on the back that releases ink under pressure.

Middle Sheet (CFB – Coated Front and Back): Coated on both sides. It captures ink from the top sheet and transfers it to the bottom sheet.

Bottom Sheet (CF): Coated on the front to receive ink from the middle sheet, creating a second copy.

How It Works

When you write, type, or print on the top sheet, pressure causes the back coating to release ink. This ink reacts with the coating on the next sheet(s), creating clear copies

The printing text color on 2-ply and 3-ply carbonless paper is typically black or blue, and it is determined by the ink ribbon used in the impact printer, not by the paper itself.

Because carbonless paper relies on pressure from the printer’s ribbon to transfer an impression from the top layer to the subsequent layers, the actual text color comes from the printer’s ribbon. So, the printing text color is determined by the ribbon color.

If the ribbon is black, the printing text is black; if the ribbon is blue, the printing text is blue.

The main difference between 2-ply and 3-ply carbonless paper rolls lies in the number of copies they can produce:

2-ply Carbonless Paper Rolls: consist of two layers of paper, usually white/yellow. Other options like white/pink and white/blue are available.

3-ply Carbonless Paper Rolls: these include an additional middle sheet (CFB or coated front and back), allowing for two duplicates of the original document. This type is useful in situations where two copies of a document are required, such as keeping one for records, one for customers, and one for accounting. Usually white/pink/yellow.

In summary, the difference is in the number of copies they produce: 2-ply for one copy and 3-ply for two copies.

Carbonless paper is designed for use with impact printers, also known as dot matrix printers. These printers work by hitting a ribbon against the paper to print, which is necessary for carbonless paper to make copies.

Other types of printers like thermal, inkjet or laser printers won’t work with carbonless paper because they don’t use impact to print.

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