Thermal Paper Rolls Manufactured and Supplied by Panda Paper Roll

Panda Paper Roll produces high-quality thermal paper rolls at its modern factory in China – and we can ship the products all around the world.

Panda Paper Roll® is a registered trademark of Shandong Ultra Paper Co., Ltd, which is China’s premier paper roll manufacturer and supplier. We have been a leader in the paper roll manufacturing industry for over 20 years with countless happy customers.

We manufacture both thermal and non-thermal paper products for every purpose, including point of sale, cash registers, kiosks, ATMs. And our products are used in every market: retail, financial, hospitality, logistics, gaming, and countless others. Today, our company assets include over 100 employees, 50 advanced slitting capabilities, 10 die-cutting machines, and 5 printing presses. These assets allow us to get the most out of our work and offer you the best products on the market.

A significant and wonderful part of this industry is that thermal paper is constantly used everywhere in millions of places every day – this can generate huge, consistent profits for you. Our company’s unique advantage is that because you are buying directly from the manufacturer, our prices are at least 5% – 10% lower than other suppliers!

As always, we provide an easy, accurate, reliable service, we appreciate and take care of our customers, from start to finish, and we are always happy to hear how we can serve you better!!

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Panda Paper Rolls

Our Paper Roll Products

Thermal paper rolls

Thermal paper is a special type of paper that can change color when exposed to heat, without the use of traditional ink. It is widely used in the retail, banking, catering, coffee, gaming, and parking industries that require quick receipt printing. The image text color can be black or blue.

Barcode label rolls

Thermal labels are widely used in packaging, shipping, identification, office, retail, equipment, containers, cartons and many other industries. The uses and applications of label products are virtually endless; they have an even broader market than thermal paper rolls. The image text color is usually black.

Printed receipt paper

Increase your profit from each point of sale transaction with a custom printed receipt. It can help promote your brand, explain your return policy, boost name recognition, announce specials, prevent receipt fraud and many other purposes that can increase profits and generate repeat customers.

2ply Cash register rolls

2 ply and 3 ply cash register rolls are made from carbonless paper, and can be used where both an original and a copy are required. This paper can be used for impact printers in the catering, hotel, and logistics industries. The image text colors can be black or blue.

1ply Bond cash rolls

Also called bond paper or wood free paper, non-thermal papers are used in impact printers that utilize ink ribbons. They are mostly used for stationery, business forms, cash registers, etc. Bond paper performs equally well for offset and laser printing.

ATM rolls

ATM paper is a thermal paper used for receipts in ATM transactions. When you make a transaction at an ATM, the machine uses this paper to print out your receipt containing all the transaction information. It is essential in the bank industry.

Our Industry-leading Factory

Panda Paper Roll utilizes state-of-the-art slitting and printing processes to produce a vast range of paper roll products.

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Your Trusted Paper Roll Supplier

We stand out among so many suppliers for these reasons:

  • We always source the best quality raw materials and stay fully stocked with an extensive range of thermal papers.
  • Quality is our biggest concern. We maintain quality control in each step and inspect every finished product.
  • We have 20 years of manufacturing experience, combined with cutting edge, state of the art equipment. Our products are of the highest possible quality standards.
  • With our stock of raw materials, and having full control over our in-house production, we’re able to fulfill your order quickly, exactly the way you want it.
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Made in China, Ships Worldwide

Our global network reaches customers in the Middle Eastern, European, African, Asian, and American markets, and we continue to expand our sales network. As thermal paper is used every day in supermarkets, gas stations, shopping malls, restaurants, etc. Worldwide, the market potential is indescribably vast. Please join our distribution network! You will benefit from our quality products and low prices you cannot get from other suppliers, and we will always support you with technical assistance, prompt, reliable delivery and extremely favorable financial terms. Also, if you meet specific requirements, you may have exclusive sales rights in your market.

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