What’s the Difference Between Thermal Paper and Normal Paper?

There are many different types of print paper available for various applications. Two common types of print paper are thermal paper and normal paper, they are used in different print processes and have different properties. [...]

Ultrasound Thermal Print Paper: The Complete Buy Guide

Ultrasound thermal print paper is made from thermal coated synthetic paper, it is a special print media with a coating of materials that changes color when subjected to heat. The heat-sensitive materials–dyes and developers- are [...]

How to Identify If A Receipt is Thermal Paper? – 3 Methods for You

In the last article, we have explained the three common types of receipt paper, and here in this article, we will explain how you can identify if the receipt paper is thermal by using these [...]

Direct Thermal Label vs. Thermal Transfer Label Difference (Infographic)

Businesses looking to purchase a label printer can get confused by the differences between direct thermal labels and thermal transfer labels, so we've created this Infographic to explain the differences between them and help [...]

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