Coreless Thermal Paper Rolls: A New Trend in 2021

Coreless thermal paper rolls offer great value for businesses. It’s a new trend in 2021 and more companies switch to using them because of the benefits they offer like savings on production and shipping costs. In this article, we will walk you [...]

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Receipt Paper: 3 Common Types You Should Know

How can you tell if you’re buying the right receipt paper for your business? Imagine you’re running a restaurant or a retail store, the paper rolls in your printers are almost finished out, and you want to buy some new rolls. So [...]

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How to Tell Thermal Paper? – 3 Methods to Identify Thermal Paper

In the last article, we have explained the three common types of receipt paper, and here in this article, we will explain how you can identify if the receipt paper is thermal by using these 3 methods. 1. Scratch with Your Fingernail [...]

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Direct Thermal Label vs. Thermal Transfer Label Difference (Infographic)

Businesses looking to purchase a label printer can get confused by the differences between direct thermal labels and thermal transfer labels, so we've created this Infographic to explain the differences between them and help you make a correct decision. Direct Thermal Labels [...]

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BPA-Free Thermal Paper: The Pros and Cons of It

Bisphenol A, also known as BPA is a synthetic chemical that has been used for many industrial purposes. Ever since its discovery by a Russian chemist in 1891, BPA began to gain some popularity due to its ability to serve as a [...]

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Thermal Paper 101: GSM and Thickness

Thermal paper today can vary in different sizes and different qualities in order to suit different customer's needs. That’s why when it comes to choosing the right type of thermal paper, one must have adequate knowledge about the basic properties it possesses. [...]

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How Many Pieces of Receipts Can You Get from One Paper Roll?

Imagine you are the owner of a busy fast food restaurant, planning your monthly budget. Part of that budget is how much you allocate for the procurement of paper rolls. Obviously, you need to know how many paper rolls you use in a [...]

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How to Put Thermal Paper Roll in a Receipt Printer?

The Point of Sales system has become the most dominant form of payment in most of the retail outlets or restaurants, and thermal paper rolls play an important role in the system as they can print the consumption details and payment proof [...]

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