When you think about it, thermal paper is something you use every day! When you buy something in a store, you get a paper receipt; When you use an ATM, it prints out a paper slip showing the date, amount, transaction code, bank location, etc. This paper is actually thermal paper and is used all over the world in our everyday lives.

Thermal receipt paper roll

From a business perspective, this gives thermal paper enormous market potential that can be a very profitable investment. Our thermal paper products have been selling very well in the Saudi market for over 10 years. In this article, we’ll conduct an industry analysis of the Saudi Arabia market.

The Advantage of China Paper Rolls in the Saudi Arabia Market:

At present over 70% of thermal paper rolls in the Saudi Arabia market are imported from overseas. The top 5 imported countries are

  • China
  • Malaysia
  • UAE
  • India
  • Indonesia

But China’s paper rolls are accounted for the maximal market share in the Saudi Arabia market. The main reasons are as below:

  • Low Cost. China’s labor costs are 40% lower than in Saudi Arabia, which is reflected in much lower prices for thermal paper products.
  • Total Supply Chain. China has the complete, total supply chain needed for thermal paper roll production: thermal jumbo roll, slitting & rewinder machine, packing materials, accessories… everything right here in the manufacturing facilities.
  • Flexible Delivery Network. China has a wide range of shipping methods available. Whether you need to rush urgently to the airport to pick up your goods, or simply have them shipped to the harbor, The China paper roll factories can meet your needs. At the moment we can deliver our paper rolls to Dammam, Jeddah, and Riyadh dry port. 

The Popular Paper Rolls Sizes in Saudi Arabia Market:

The Documents Required for Importing Paper Rolls into Saudi Arabia:

  • Commercial Invoice (Chamber certified)
  • Packing List
  • Bill of Lading
  • Certificate of Origin
  • SASO


Besides the Saudi Arabia market, we can also deliver our paper rolls to other Gulf countries: UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, etc. Are you interested in investing in the profitable Saudi Arabia market? or do you want to know more tips and strategies about Saudi Arabia’s thermal paper industry? Please contact us or leave your comment below and we will show you how easy it is to get started!

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About the Author: Frank Ouyang

Frank Ouyang is the sales manager at Panda Paper Roll Company - a leading factory of thermal paper rolls, label rolls, and other print-related products in China. With extensive experience in the industry, Frank is an expert in thermal paper knowledge and enjoys sharing his insights and expertise with clients, helping them achieve their goals and maximize their success.
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Syed Gvj
Syed Gvj
4 years ago

Dear Panda Team Please send me a quotation for 80mm x 70mm Thermal paper roll

4 years ago
Reply to  Syed Gvj

Dear panda team …can i take dealership for Saudi Arabia? ?please give me ans.

2 years ago

I am interested in investing in the profitable SUDAN market and want to know more tips, strategies about SUDAN thermal paper industry, please inform me the easy way to get started!

Dear Panda team can I take dealership for SUDAN ?

Thank you.
Ameer ALtayeb
00966559810148 mobile

2 years ago

I am looking for 80 mm X 70 mm thermal paper roll, 100 Roll

1 year ago
Reply to  Frank Ouyang

Kindly send me your saudi agent office location and phone number to me as wel..

Akhil Maheshwari
Akhil Maheshwari
1 year ago

tell me more about this

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