Self-carbonized paper roll, also known as self-contained paper roll, is produced from carbonless paper. Carbonless paper consists of a variety of coating technologies that enable it to be best used in devices that produce receipts that can be printed on. Their ease of use and safety track record has made them very popular for use around the world. They are cleaner and less messy to use compared to carbon paper and have a longer shelf life.

How Self-Carbonized Paper Work?

When pressure is applied, dyes are released and combined to create the desired image. The entire process was invented in 1952 by two chemists, called Barry Green and Lowell Schleicher. The chemists wanted to create a quite biodegradable paper that would not cause stains like carbon paper.

How Self Carbonized Paper Roll Works

The first Self carbonized paper rolls consisted of a dye known as crystal violet lactone in conjunction with the chemical PTSMH, trimellitic anhydride, formaldehyde isocyanates, diisopropyl naphthalenes, phenol-formaldehyde resins, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, epoxy resins, Bisphenol A, aliphatic isocyanates and hydrocarbon-based solvents. All these dyes and chemicals could be incorporated into a one-ply, two-ply and three-ply sheet.

The three-ply paper, for example, would be coated back for the top sheet, for the middle sheet would be coated front and back, and the bottom sheet would be coated front.

Manufacturers of paper rolls could use numerous middle sheets depending on the number of copies the client intended to produce for the receipts or invoices. Standard NRC paper rolls can produce 6 copies if the printer is dot-matrix, five copies if it is going to be handwritten and seven copies if it’s for a typewriter.

The paper roll can either be one-ply, two-ply or three-ply and comes in sizes of 57mm x 57mm, 57mm x 70mm, 75mm x 70mm, etc.

57mm Self Contained Paper Roll

Shelf Life of Self-Carbonized Paper Roll

The self-carbonized paper rolls have a two-year guaranteed shelf life, but they could last longer depending on how they are stored. Factors such as the sun, humidity, and plasticizers greatly contribute to how long the papers are going to last. It is recommended that the paper rolls be stored in a room with a temperature below 77-78F, and the relative humidity levels should be below 45%. The paper would not fade for at least fifteen to twenty-five years if kept in the manufacturer’s prescribed condition.

Commercial Use of Self-Carbonized Paper Roll

It is usually business stationery that would require multiple copies. Some of these examples are receipts and invoices. The original copy would be given to the customer, which would be white in color, blue, yellow, green or pink for the copies used for other business purposes. The self-contained paper has become quite accessible and affordable due to its popularity. Many businesses worldwide use it as their preferred print method.

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