152mm x 90mm 150 Sheets ECG Recording Chart Paper

The 152mm x 90mm ECG recording chart paper is one of the most popular ECG paper sizes. With its superior quality, optimal dimensions, and reliable performance, it is the perfect choice for ensuring accurate and dependable ECG recordings.

Overall Dimensions:

  • Paper size: 152mm x 90mm
  • Quantity: 150 sheets per pack
  • Paper type: Thermal


152mm x 90mm ECG Recording Chart Paper, 150 Sheets/Pack

Paper Height152mm
Paper Width90mm
Sheets per Pack150
GridRed & Green grids
TypeThermal paper
Packing20 packs/carton
MOQ300 packs

152mm x 90mm ECG Recording Chart Paper Description:

  • The 152mm x 90mm ECG paper can be used for Corometrics AAO 4305/ CAO 4305 and a wide range of ECG machines, ensuring a perfect fit and seamless operation.
  • Printed with clear red and green grid lines, our ECG paper can produce sharp, clear, and accurate ECG tracings, aiding in precise diagnosis and patient care.
  • The ECG paper is made from high-quality thermal-sensitive paper that ensures clear and long-lasting recordings. Its smooth writing surface allows for uninterrupted and precise ECG tracings.
  • Each pack contains 150 sheets, offering ample supply for extended use and reducing the need for frequent replacements.
  • The ECG paper size is suitable for use with both desktop and portable ECG devices, making it perfect for home visits and mobile healthcare services.

Shipping and Payment Terms:

  • We generally ship goods worldwide by sea. The products will be in a shipping container when arriving at the port. You are responsible for picking up your shipment and customs clearance on your side.
  • We do accept small, urgent orders that need to be shipped by air.
  • We currently accept T/T, PayPal, and Western Union.
  • Please contact us if you have any questions about shipping or payment. We will be happy to assist you.

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