When deciding to buy thermal paper rolls, it is important to think about where you are purchasing them from and why. You want to get a good price and a great product so it’s important to weigh the options before you decide where you are going to buy from. While there is a wide variety of options: China, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, etc, China is by far the best place to purchase from. While there are countless reasons to purchase from China, below are the most relevant.

Buy thermal rolls from China

80mm x 80mm Thermal Paper Rolls

1. Infrastructure Built for Manufacturing

It is not without reason that China has earned the nickname “The World’s Factory”. China leads the world in production, producing 2.2 billion dollars in goods annually. The reason for this is China’s amazing infrastructure that is specifically geared towards manufacturing. China has 2,801,143 factories which are 10 times more than the next largest manufacturer, the U.S. There is a reason that the largest companies use China for production: They have the tools necessary to get the job done.

For thermal paper manufacturing industry, China has a whole industrial chain of thermal paper roll production:

  • paper pulp factory
  • thermal paper coating mills
  • slitting & rewinding machines manufacturers
  • packing machines & materials manufacturers
  • advanced logistics networks (land, railway, air, sea)

The manufactured paper rolls can be distributed to the oversea market efficiently. Chinese thermal paper production technology continues to improve, their share in the international market is increasing, and competitiveness in the international market gradually increases. Currently, China has some major paper mills: Chenming, Guanhao, APP, Jianghe, etc, they can supply thermal paper materials to numerous paper slitting factories consistently.

2. China Has the ManPower

When considering from which to make a purchase, you must look at the ability for them to consistently produce your product. An important factor to consider is if the place in question will consistently have the manpower required to produce what you need. This is not an issue when purchasing from China. China has a population of over 1.3 billion people. All of those people need jobs, and with China’s infrastructure that is geared towards production, a large portion of Chinese citizens will find themselves in a career centralized around production and manufacturing. In fact, at least 120 million Chinese nationals work in manufacturing. That means that 1 out of 11 people work in the manufacturing sector.

3. Lower Tax Rates and Lesser Compliance

China has some of the lowest Tax Rates of any country. Due to policies instituted in the 1980s, Chinese goods that are exported, are not taxed by the Chinese government. This leads to a lower cost for the consumer and in turn, more business for Chinese companies. That is why Chinese-made goods are usually priced lower than those of America and the European Union. China also has a lot fewer regulations in terms of production than other major manufacturing powerhouses. Ethical considerations aside, this makes Chinese goods a lot more affordable.

4. China Has Lower Labor Costs

Due to a large number of people seeking employment, Chinese factories can offer lower labor costs because of the sheer number of people that are employed. On average Chinese workers are paid a fraction of what American and European workers are paid. This is due in part to the reduced cost of living in China. The average Chinese citizen pays half as much as the average American to feed, clothe, and house themselves. Furthermore, Chinese workers work on average, 4 more hours than the average American. When you consider the number of people working and the duration of which they work, China is a much more attractive place to buy any product.

Take an example, in a China thermal paper roll slitting factory, the worker’s salary is only around $500 per month, while in an American factory, the salary is around $1300 – $1500, that is why China thermal rolls can be sold at a very cheap rate.

5. China has a Great Track Record of Producing Reliable Products

While there is an overwhelming stigma that Chinese-made goods are of poor caliber, this isn’t accurate. Most Chinese goods are of exceptional quality. Many of the things that we rely on every day. The high-end cellphone manufacturer, Apple, makes almost all its phones in China. The sneaker manufacturer, Nike, makes a large portion of its cellphones in China. If these products weren’t made to the highest degree of quality, these industry leaders wouldn’t manufacture them in China. This is especially important in the case of Thermal Paper rolls because you need them to perform at the highest level consistently.


China is the best place to purchase thermal paper rolls: you can get top-quality thermal paper rolls at accessible prices, even with the shipping charges. While there are pros and cons to any purchasing decision, when deciding to purchase from China, the pros far outweigh the negatives. China is still a developing market and it will continue to grow in the future. This will mean that the price of goods made within its borders, including thermal paper rolls, will continue to decrease as more efficient manufacturing practices are realized. This means that you will continue to save while the cost of thermal paper rolls rises elsewhere.