Paper Receipts: Why Do We still Use It in the Digital Age?

//Paper Receipts: Why Do We still Use It in the Digital Age?

Paper Receipts: Why Do We still Use It in the Digital Age?

Sometimes it seems like traditional cash transactions and paper receipts are almost obsolete. Many transactions now result in electronic receipts, in fact the entire transaction – selection, payment, shipping, contractual agreements, receipts, etc. – may occur completely online.

Yet, there are many reasons why paper receipts still play a critical role in transaction documentation. Here are just a few of them:
we still use paper receipts in digital age

  1. Mistakes. You are much more likely to catch a mistake in a transaction (for example, a double charge) when you can see all the numbers on paper. It also serves as documentation of the mistake that can be used to resolve it later.
  2. Permanence. Our email inboxes are often overloaded with tens of thousands of archived messages, going back for years. Websites are constantly moving or changing. It’s very easy for a digital receipt to be deleted or simply lost in the mess. Paper receipts have none of these problems, they can be safely placed in a file, where they will always be available.
  3. Taxes. There is no substitute for paper receipts for documenting expenses when it’s time to do taxes, and paper receipts are absolutely priceless if you are audited.
  4. Gift receipts. When purchasing presents, you can provide a paper receipt that can be used for refunds, exchanges, etc. This is almost impossible with a digital receipt.
  5. Confirmation. A paper receipt clearly proves that a transaction occurred at a certain time, date and place and for a certain amount. It can even be hand-signed for further confirmation.

As you can see, even with the popularity of digital transaction documentation, paper receipts are still extremely important for both private individuals and businesses. Paper receipts protect both the business and the customer!

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Sachin Sinha

Frank, well articulated but now there is a better alternative to paper – OxeBox paperless billing receipt platform. Conventional paper bill receipts or email receipts are not as convenient as many retailers think it is. For instance the average time spent on a paper bill receipt is less than 3 seconds with no value added for either retailers or consumers. Moreover, paper bill receipts cause irreparable damage to our environment with millions of trees being cut every year. Over 250 million gallons of oil, 10 million trees and 1 billion gallons of water are consumed each year in the creation… Read more »

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