We Deliver one 40’ft Container Out to Africa today

//We Deliver one 40’ft Container Out to Africa today

We Deliver one 40’ft Container Out to Africa today

It is hot summer here in China, today we have delivered one 40’ft container paper rolls to our customer in Africa. It is very hard work to load the cartons into the container since the temperature in the container is almost 50 degree centigrade, however we did it!

The customer is located in Zimbabwe, they ever ordered some small amount of paper rolls from us, this has been his 3rd time to order from us. The container is full of 80x80mm thermal rolls (81,000rolls/ 1620cartons) in it this time. Our customer is very happy with the paper quality, and promise to continue to order from us after this container arrived.

80x80 thermal rolls in container

80mm paper rolls in container

80x80 paper rolls in container


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