Do you want to learn how to sell thermal rolls in your country? Do you want to grow your reputation in your thermal paper market? Do you desire to become the dominant supplier of thermal paper products in your country? If your answer is “yes,” then this will help you out. Chinese thermal paper has made a special place in the international market. Many distributors and suppliers worldwide import Chinese thermal rolls and sell them very profitably. You can also make plenty of profit by selling thermal rolls in your country. Take a quick glance at the selling tips below.

Thermal receipt paper roll

1. Use an Online Platform

With the emergence of internet technology, it becomes very easy to do business through the internet. You can display your thermal paper products for sale on online shopping platforms such as eBay, Amazon,, etc, they can help you trade beyond local boundaries. When customers search for products online, they will notice your products, and if they like them, they will place the order instantly.

2. Start Your Own Online Store

Yes! You can even launch your own online store to sell thermal paper products online. By starting your online store, you can create your own brand. Your product will directly reach customers who are searching the internet. You can check the two typical successful cases in South Africa and UK: and (starting an online business does require some computer technology knowledge, but we will be happy to help you with that. We can build advanced websites and implement online marketing strategies for you. Contact us if you need assistance. )

You can also use social networks like Facebook and Twitter for marketing purposes. And the most wonderful thing is that when marketing on social networks, you do not have to spend one cent! It is very easy to advertise your thermal rolls on the internet.

3. Use a Distributor

This is probably the simplest (and most profitable) way to sell paper rolls. You make an arrangement with a dealer, distributor or reseller and then sell your products to them at a competitive wholesale price. The best part of this process is that you only have to explain the features, price, and specifications of your products one time. Then, if the distributors accept your offer, they buy your products in bulk. You can make huge profits with a minimum of time and effort.

4. Contact the End-customers Directly

This is the most traditional but the most efficient way to find customers. Just find your local restaurants, gas stations, hospitals, banks, bakery, etc. As is known, nearly every shop will have at least one POS machine in their store, and all of them need thermal rolls. Just give them a call or visit them, and discuss your products in a personal or face to face conversation.

Also, Don’t forget …

All these methods need one thing, and that is TIME! Do not expect to sell bulk thermal rolls in one month. You must create and develop your brand and market it – “get the word out” – then your business will gradually expand.