Customers come to ATMs expecting to walk away with two things: cash and their receipt. The type of paper you used in an ATM affects not only the customer experience, but also the machine’s performance and the overall cost to service it. Here in this article we’ll give you a guidance about how to make ATM receipt roll sample from us before you go for any bulk order.

1. Know ATM Paper Type

Bond vs. Thermal — Although over 95% ATM brands are using thermal paper in the machine, you’d better verify it before you proceed.

Thermal paper is a kind of special paper, which is coated with certain chemical substances which can change color when exposed to heat. You can scratch the paper surface with your fingernail, if it turns black, then it is thermal paper, otherwise it is bond paper.

2. Know ATM Paper Size

Referring to below picture, we usually measure a paper roll size as:

ATM Paper Roll Size

Paper Roll Size:  Width x Diameter x Core

Take an example, for paper roll size 80 x 210 x 17mm, it means the paper width is 80mm, the diameter is 210mm, the core is 17mm. You can ask the paper size information from your customer or just measure it by yourself.

3. Sensor Mark Size & Wrapping Orientation

The black sensor mark is a must-have for most of ATM brands (NCR, Diebold, Wincor Nixdorf, etc.). To make the ATM roll sample, we need to know:

  • Sensor Mark Width
  • Sensor Mark Length
  • Repeat Distance between 2 Sensor Marks
  • Sensor Mark Position (thermal or non-thermal side)
  • Wrapping Orientation (which side is wrapped outside)

ATM Paper Sensor Marks

If you’re not sure about the sensor mark information, you can ask it from your customer or send the paper roll sample to us.

4. We will Charge for ATM Roll Sample

As we would make the plate for the printed sensor mark, we usually charge $100 – $200 for your ATM roll sample (you can consider the plate as a kind of “mould”, it is a one-off investment, once it is charged, we would not charge you again).


The ATM paper is a must-have for the ATM machines, so you’d better make clear about everything of the paper size, sensor,  etc.. If the size is not right, either the paper will get stuck inside the machine or the receipt will come out crumpled. If the paper gets stuck in the machine, the machine will be damaged and you will not be able to get your receipt.

Note: If you got any question in making the ATM paper sample, you can submit your question by the form or email to us, our sales team would be glad to solve your problem.