Everyone wants to hit the jackpot with a winning lottery ticket. With more and more companies entering the foray with lotteries in a bid to attract more customers, the need to keep up to date with evolving technologies is important. Rarely do you come across a lottery that opens and closes in a day or two. This means that lottery companies have to produce receipts and tickets that are durable and last for weeks or months both before and after the results of the lottery are announced. Although winning a lottery boils down to chance, you do not need to take a chance on the paper rolls that you use to print your lottery tickets. Many lottery companies have turned to thermal paper rolls for their tickets and receipts, and this certainly has proven to have its benefits.

Why Opt For Thermal Paper Rolls For Your Lottery Company

Put simply, thermal rolls are sustainable and viable options for printing your lottery tickets and receipts without having to worry about them fading in time. Using thermal paper removes the necessity of replaceable ink cartridges or ribbons that wear off in time. Using heat transfer technology, thermal printers produce heat impressions on thermal paper, thereby producing clear images that can last for decades. Apart from giving your customers a clear, long-lasting print, you too can produce receipts that can be audited and filed for long-term storage.

Printing on thermal rolls is simple and fast. All you need to do is drop the roll into your thermal printer, and you are ready to go. No ink, no toner, no cartridges, no ribbons. Loading paper into these printers is easy and printing is still easier. In stark contrast to older printers that slowly print one line at a time, thermals printers are amazingly fast and can print receipts and lottery tickets for a whole queue of people quickly, with no hassles.

Since using thermal rolls has so many benefits, are you concerned about cost? Not to worry; in fact, thermal paper rolls are much friendlier on your budget than other types of rolls. Apart from being cost effective, they come in different sizes and lengths to suit your requirements. They have an indefinite shelf life, and can therefore be bought in bulk, which gives you greatly discounted prices for large orders.

Custom printed lottery paper

Custom printed lottery paper

Adding to all these benefits is the fact that thermal rolls can be custom ordered with your logo, details of the lottery, and even terms and conditions printed on them. Since the print does not fade with time, each ticket that is given to your customers clearly indicates the conditions of the lottery, and the chances of disputes or hassles at a later time are greatly reduced. Complaints are thereby reduced, terms are clear, and you and your customers have a receipt that lasts for years.

Types Of Thermal Rolls You Can Choose From

Thermal paper rolls for lotteries can be customized based on your requirements, either for the long haul or for just a specific lottery campaign. Many people tend to choose the 80 x 80mm or 80 x 70mm thermal rolls, primarily because they can be used with most POS machines. You can opt for plain thermal rolls, or have your company logo printed on the reverse. Some people choose to print a watermark of their company logo on the paper.

A good way to choose thermal paper rolls is to check online for offers, compare different prices and take your pick. But be careful not to sacrifice quality. Our thermal paper is made from 100% virgin wood pulp, with good coating and is 100% BPA and lint free. This is very important, because lint, or “paper dust,” can build up on a print head and ruin the printer, creating repair costs and downtime. There is much more to paper rolls than just “paper,” and we control these qualities to be sure you get a worry-free, top quality product.

Most companies will give you around 5 years warranty for the image life of the prints. Getting top quality thermal rolls might cost you marginally more, but your savings in the long run outweigh the initial investment. Need we say more? Make the switch to our thermal rolls right away for your lottery tickets and receipts and bring your business up to sync with the best technologies.

Note: If you want to know any more information about thermal paper rolls, or if you want to print your company info on the lottery paper, email to us support@pandapaperroll.com now, and we’ll be happy to help!