Thermal Paper Rolls for Fast Food Chain

//Thermal Paper Rolls for Fast Food Chain

Thermal Paper Rolls for Fast Food Chain

Image that you are running a fast food chain store in downtown,every working day people will go to your store to buy the lunch at noon.Crowds of people go and out and you are super busy.When you hand over the hamburger to the customer,you also attached one POS receipt to record the list of the goods they are buying,and the food price,item No.your store information ( location,telephone,branch store,etc).The so-called “POS receipt”,namely ‘ Thermal Paper“.

Blank Rolls Used for Fast Food Chain

As stated above,the blank paper rolls are mostly used in the POS printer machine,it can run out quickly and smoothly from the printer when the sales staff operate it.From the other angle,it can act as the proof of the transaction.

80 x 80 x 12mm Thermal Roll for Fast Food Chain

The mainly used blank roll size is : 80mm width x 80 mm diameter x 12 mm core.It can be compatible for most brands POS printers,such as Epson,NCR,Samsung,Uniwell,etc.

Printing Rolls Used for Fast Food Chain

This kind of paper rolls are usually printed with some colorful information,it can be :

  • Company Logo / tagline / website
  • Service / claim / return policy
  • Coupon code / promotion
  • 3rd party advertisements
  • Charity activities
  • Coming event
  • or any other

80 x 80mm Printing Thermal Paper Roll

Economics of Thermal Paper

Dot matrix printers are more expensive, louder and slower than thermal printers and require more maintenance. The significant cost of thermal printers is in paper, but there are no costs for ink and very few downtime costs. That is why today thermal paper is used in fetal ultrasound scanning, information kiosks, slot machines, gas pumps and other applications so much.

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