Thermal paper is very different to ordinary white paper. It is a special fine paper that changes color when exposed to heat due to the coating of chemicals on it. They provide high-definition images that stay intact for a long time and therefore are reliable and more useful for important documents. Thermal papers are commonly used in thermal printers, debit and credit card machines, ATMs, POS systems and fax machines. Since it is so commonly used in our daily life, here below are 4 tips for you to select the best thermal paper rolls.

1. Paper Roll Size

Thermal paper rolls do not come in a standard size; rather you can find them in several lengths and widths. Instead of randomly selecting a size, there are many considerations you need to take into account. For example, when buying a thermal paper for your thermal printer, you need to consider the width of the printer to determine the width of the thermal paper you will use. Longer thermal papers are more economical as they can print out more receipts. You would not have to constantly keep getting more paper which saves time as well. But despite the advantages of buying a long paper roll, make sure it fits into your printer or any other machine you are using.

80 x 80mm Thermal Roll

80mm x 80mm Thermal Paper Roll

2. Purchase Quantity

The quantity would depend on your need and the number of transactions you are dealing with. Once you know how much you should be buying, it is efficient to get that quantity in bulk in order to save costs and available discounts. When doing that you also need to consider for how long you can store it. This would be dependent on your storage space as well as the shelf life of thermal paper. If you store thermal paper in a dark place at a low humidity level and a temperature below 77°F (25ºC), and properly wrapped up to avoid toxins from the environment, you can store that paper for at least 3 years from the date that it was manufactured. This will ensure sufficient supply and convenience as you will not run out of the paper any time soon.

3. Paper Quality

The stated length of the thermal paper should actually be the length you are buying which is rarely the case, especially when it comes to online purchases. It is difficult to tell the size of the thermal paper in a roll, and in many cases, the labeled length would not be the same as the actual length, which is why you need to be extra careful. The thickness and quality of the paper determine how neat and clear the print is and a high-quality paper will ensure that the print does not get blotchy.

4. Price

Always make sure what you get what you pay for. Consider your budget and compare prices to make the right choice. If you are getting a good quality thermal paper at a relatively higher price, go for it to avoid costly issues later on when your prints are not as good as they should be. Bulk buying and longer paper are also great ways to save cost. There a lot of brands in the market so make sure you buy from a brand that delivers what it promises and gives you the best quality. Always buy from a reliable business that you trust.