Thermal paper is so important for the betting industry. If you’re still using the ordinary paper you are shooting yourself in the foot, we’re going to look at some of the biggest reasons why thermal paper is the ideal choice for the betting industry.

Thermal paper is cheaper

How many people come into your shop to place bets on a daily basis? When you take into account nearly everyone in the world is after a quick buck I’m sure that number must be quite significant. You’ll also end up with even more customers when special events are taking place, so it’s fair to say you’ll go through a lot of paper constantly. The betting industry is set up so they always make a profit, which means even though people win the majority of those placing a bet will always lose. Does this mean betting companies should ignore the fact they can easily save money in other areas? Of course, it doesn’t, they’re in business to maximize profits and that is why thermal paper is so good. With the amount of bets people are making throughout the year you’ll make a tidy profit if you use thermal paper because it’s so cheap. The ordinary paper comes at a higher cost and it will eat into your profits.  Switching over to thermal paper is easy and if you aren’t already using it you’ll need to start soon.

You don’t want any complaint

Customers will walk into a betting shop and place their bet, then they’ll stuff the paper in their wallet. Can you imagine how angry they’d be if they went to go collect their winnings and their betting slip wasn’t accepted because it wasn’t in good condition? When you combine thermal paper with a thermal printer the information printed out is a lot more accurate. You won’t end up with any errors that need to be corrected when using thermal paper. If you use the ordinary paper you might have to reprint the betting slip again and if it happens often it can become tiresome. It will also stop people from being refused their winnings because they didn’t look at their inaccurate slip printed on ordinary paper before leaving the shop. When your customers are always happy it means your betting business will always be thriving and it won’t receive any bad publicity, even if it’s just an upset customer telling his friends to go to the betting shop down the street to place their bets in the future. Using thermal paper will certainly save you from a lot of headaches caused by customers shouting in your face.

In and out quickly

We mentioned the fact betting shops can get very busy, especially at certain times of the year. The last thing your business needs is for dozens of people standing in line waiting to place their bets. If they’re betting on an event that is starting soon and they can’t get served they’ll not be happy. Printing on thermal paper is cheap, but it’s also very quick and easy to print out betting slips on command. You won’t need to stand around waiting for as long as you would if you used ordinary paper. This will result in queues becoming a thing of the past and you’ll be able to serve everybody as quickly and efficiently as possible. It could also help you attract more business too because when people are walking past your betting shop and they see there are no queues they’ll be more likely to come in and place a bet. Would you ever bother placing a spontaneous bet if you knew it would take you 10 minutes to get served?


Hopefully, you agree with everything we’ve talked about because it will help your business in multiple ways. Start using thermal paper for betting industry success and you’ll never look back.