While Panda Paper Roll is an established leader in the production of thermal paper rolls used for Point of Sales, credit card terminals, etc., we are now expanding into an even bigger, more exciting market: thermal labels.

What’s so special about thermal labels? They are extremely cost-efficient and produced by very reliable, high-capacity manufacturing processes. Thermal printers do not use ink, toner, or ribbon and are easy to use and much less expensive to operate than most other printers. The images produced are nice and sharp, with precise edges, and they are highly customizable.

Another advantage is that since thermal printing uses a chemical reaction instead of ink, the printed image is extremely durable; there is no ink to smear or fade. Thermal labels can be printed in huge quantities very quickly. The possible applications of thermal labels are almost endless! Let’s look at some of the ways thermal labels can be used.

1. Shipping Labels

Shipping labels

Think about it. Every single box or envelope that is mailed or shipped has one thing: a label! The label can show the shipper, recipient, barcode, or other shipping information. Shipping labels also can contain important information about the package contents, such as how it should be handled, how it should be stored, and other information you want to deliver.

2. Pharmaceutical Labels

drug labels

There are many laws and regulations about packaging and labeling medicines and pharmaceutical products. They may be required to display information such as expiration dates, batch numbers, dosage, prescription numbers, and so on. Millions and millions of such labels are used every day, and thermal labels are one of the best ways to meet this massive demand.

3. Price Tags

Price tags

Think of all the hundreds of millions of items for sale in retail stores everywhere. What is the one thing they all have in common? A price tag! Every piece of merchandise must be specifically tagged with price, color, style, and brand and other information that identifies the product. Barcoding is an efficient way to gather that information with a quick scan at the checkout station. Panda Paper Roll can manufacture rolls of these in any quantity you want, whether it’s a few hundred, or millions, using thermal printing.

4. Food & Bakery Labels

Food labels

Bakeries, supermarkets, butchers, and snack companies– it’s not just important that their foods & beverage taste great; they have to look great, too! More and more, food and beverage companies are finding success through printing their own beautiful food labels – this is also a kind of “packaging marketing strategy”. Panda’s thermal labels are extremely useful in food packaging. Thermally printed food labels are a very neat, cost-effective way to meet food-labeling requirements such as displaying the ingredients, nutritional content, cooking instructions, etc.

5. Barcode Labels

Barcode Labels

Barcode, sometimes referred to as Universal Product Codes, barcode labels have many more applications than simply pricing and merchandise tracking in stores, such as serial numbers, product numbers, and batch numbers. Barcode Labels come in several variations, such as UPC-A, EAN-13, UPC-E, EAN-8, GS1 DataBar and ITF-14. Typically, they’re scanned electronically using cameras or laser-based systems – either with hand-held devices or stationary modules embedded at checkout counters in supermarkets and other stores. It’s estimated that over 5 billion barcodes are scanned each day worldwide, with a 99% success rate.

6. Product Labeling

Product Labeling

Many other labels are used in the quality control and assembly line progress, and thermal barcode labels are generated at each step of the manufacturing process. For example, they may show the Serial Number of the product for use in obtaining service, or the Model Number, or maybe a company contact number. Products stored in warehouses may have inventory identification labels. Whatever is needed, we can produce it!


As you can see, the uses and marketing opportunities for thermally printed label rolls are virtually unlimited! Panda Paper Roll is ready to work with you in moving into this vast market. Please contact us, and we’ll be happy to chat with you!

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About the Author: Frank Ouyang

Frank Ouyang is the sales manager at Panda Paper Roll Company - a leading factory of thermal paper rolls, label rolls, and other print-related products in China. With extensive experience in the industry, Frank is an expert in thermal paper knowledge and enjoys sharing his insights and expertise with clients, helping them achieve their goals and maximize their success.

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