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Custom Printed Thermal Labels Rolls


You can print whatever information you want on the label rolls.

Overall Dimensions:

  • Label size: customized size
  • Core size: 40mm
  • Label type: Thermal

Custom Printed Thermal Labels Can be a Powerful Marketing Tool for Your Business

  • We have the advanced 6 colors printing machines to do the printing work. We can handle any customizing design for your individual needs.
  • Besides thermal labels, we can also handle the printed thermal transfer label stickers as well.

The Benefits of Using Printed Labels:

  • Decorate your product.
  • Identify product flavors, pricing, and other features.
  • Increase sales via cross-marketing with complementary products.
  • Suggest purchasing ideas for shoppers.
  • Provide instant coupons.

The Regular Printed Thermal Label Rolls:

  • 40mm x 30mm x 800pcs
  • 50mm x 40mm x 700pcs
  • 60mm x 40mm x 800pcs
  • 70mm x 60mm x 600pcs
  • 76mm x 50mm x 1000pcs
  • 80mm x 90mm x 800pcs
  • 100mm x 90mm x 600pcs


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