Other Thermal Paper Roll Sizes

Other thermal paper roll sizes mainly include 110mm, 100mm, 78mm, 76mm, 60mm, 44mm, 37mm, etc. All these sizes can be also used for POS systems, thermal printers, credit card terminals, and mobile printer.

Our top coating thermal paper can delivery a dark, sharp and clear print-out image. Also, the paper is smoothly designed to allow it to flow freely through slots and thermal feeds. We can also do customized printing on both sides of thermal paper to meet the paper marketing trend. If you have any questions about paper quality or need a price quotation, please contact us. We will be glad to help you and answer any of your questions!

  • Honeywell PB51 Mobile Printers 110mm x 50mm Thermal Paper Roll
    110mm x 50mm Thermal printer paper roll size, 50 rolls/carton, can be used for mobile and portable thermal printers. Overall Dimensions:
    • Paper width: 110mm
    • Roll diameter: 50mm
    • Paper length: 23m ~ 30m (depends on paper thickness)
    • Paper type: Thermal
  • 78mm x 70mm Thermal paper rolls, white glossy paper delivering black print-out image Overall Dimensions:
    • Paper width: 78mm
    • Roll diameter: 70mm
    • Paper length: 45m ~ 62m (depends on paper thickness)
    • Paper type: Thermal
  • 76mm x 76mm Thermal paper rolls, 50 rolls/carton Overall Dimensions:
    • Paper width: 76mm
    • Roll diameter: 76mm
    • Paper length: 60m ~ 80m (depend on paper thickness)
    • Paper type: Thermal
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