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Our medical recording paper campaign mainly includes ultrasound thermal imaging paper and ECG recording chart paper. The paper can offer high precision print for hospitals, clinics, pharmaceutical industries, medical labs, and other healthcare facilities. They can be used for SONY, Mitsubishi video printers and Burdick ECG machines, etc.

Our medical recording paper comes in either rolled or fan-fold/Z-folded formats that are equivalent in every way to the original brand. They are available for every kind of medical device in a wide range of paper thicknesses, thermal grades, and paper sizes. Each type of paper is specifically designed to produce excellent heat sensibility, size stability, and image quality in time.

Our company’s advantage is that we can accept small orders and have regular paper sizes in stock. Also, we could provide international delivery by both sea and air shipping. If you have any questions about the medical recording paper, please get in touch with our sales.


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