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Direct Thermal Label Rolls

Thermal label roll is a new addition to our production line in 2016! Thermal label rolls have an even wider market than thermal paper rolls: the label products are widely used in price indicating, packing, shipping, identification, office, retail, equipment, containers, cartons….. almost every industry will use sticker roll products.

The label rolls designed for thermal printers are heat-sensitive, the paper turns black when it is exposed to a thermal printhead. Thermal printers do not use ink, toner, or ribbon and are easy to use and much less expensive to operate than most other printers. The images produced are nice and sharp, with precise edges.

We can produce custom printed labels for your business: these can deepen your brand’s impression on customers, and are a fast-growing trend in the market. Below, browse through our label roll categories and find what meets your needs, and as always don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions or special requests!