There are thousands of types of envelopes in various materials and designs on the market. Each envelope has its use, making it challenging for people to determine which type of envelope is ideal for them. The most popular type of envelope is paper envelopes. These envelopes are used for a variety of needs, from sending letters to documentation and more.

If you want to know what a paper envelope is, you are in the right place. This blog will provide detailed information on paper envelopes, their uses, types, and more. Read the blog until the very end to get all the necessary details on envelopes and choose the right envelope for your needs.

Let’s start the blog by discussing what a paper envelope is and how it is different from other envelopes.

What Is a Paper Envelope?

Regular Paper Envelope

The regular white paper envelope Source: Panda Paper Roll

A paper envelope is a flat, usually rectangular, paper container designed to hold letters, documents, or other flat objects for storage or mailing. It typically consists of a folded piece of paper with one or more flaps that can be sealed to secure its contents.

These envelopes come in various sizes, colors, and designs and are commonly used in offices, businesses, and households for sending mail or organizing documents. They can be made from a variety of paper types, including standard printer paper, cardstock, or specialty papers for a more decorative or professional appearance.

Moving forward, we will discuss some of the top types of paper envelopes and shed light on their uses.

The 15 Most-used Paper Envelope Varieties

In the following section, we’ll explore some of the top and most commonly used types of paper envelopes to help you find the best-fitting envelope for your requirements.

1. Window Envelope

Window Envelope

Window envelopes are simple paper envelopes with a see-through panel. This window enables the receiver to see specific parts of the envelope’s contents. This content can be anything, from the receiver’s address on the letter to items in the envelope.

There are numerous types of window envelopes, like a single window envelope, a double window envelope, and even a full face envelope (envelope with one complete see-through side).

2. Clasp Closure Envelope

clasp closure envelope

Clasp envelopes are special types of envelopes with varying sizes. This is a type of paper envelope with a special closing mechanism, which is often a clasp. This clasp secures the contents of the envelope, making it highly useful for storing important documents.

This is the opposite of adhesive-closing envelopes, which use an adhesive material like glue to close and seal the envelope. Clasp envelopes can, therefore, be opened and closed multiple times. This factor makes clasp closure envelopes a popular choice at present.

3. Airmail Envelope

AirMail envelope

Airmail paper envelopes are special types of envelopes used for sending mail via air. These envelopes are thinner than usual and have a vintage charm to them. These types of envelopes were popular in the older times for sending letters via air.

However, at present, airmail paper envelopes have no specific use. Regular paper envelopes are used as commonly as airmail envelopes for sending letters via airmail. As a result, you may or may not need these envelopes to send an airmail.

4. Self-sealing Envelope

Self sealing envelope

Envelope seals have drastically evolved in the past few years. Today, people use various envelope sealing materials, from wax to adhesive seals and even glue. However, doing so requires additional effort. Due to this factor, more and more people prefer self-sealing envelopes.

A self-sealing envelope is a regular paper envelope with an additional layer of adhesive on the envelope’s opening or flap. Moreover, self-sealing envelopes are comparatively more hygienic. This is because, unlike traditional sealing envelopes, the adhesive does not need to be licked to be activated. These factors make self-sealing envelopes a popularly growing choice at present.

5. Manila Envelope

Manila Envelope

A manila envelope is one of the most trusted ways to transport documents and important papers. Manilas were originally not envelopes but used as folders to store papers safely. However, today people trust Manila envelopes for their documents’ security.

A manila envelope is a brown-colored paper envelope that comes in a wide range of designs and sizes. These envelopes are great for official communication and are often used by business organizations. You can find a manila envelope with various other variants, like a clasp-closure manila envelope or even a custom-designed manila envelope.

6. Square Flap Envelope

Square Envelope

As their name suggests, square flap envelopes are a type of formal envelope with a square-shaped enclosing flap. These types of envelopes are commonly used for sending invitations and greeting cards. Square flap envelopes are known for their neat, formal, and tidy appearance, making them a great option for business communication.

To add to that, these types of envelopes are usually made from thicker paper, This makes square flap envelopes a great option for engraving and printing. Doing so can give your invitation or greeting a personalized touch. You can find square flap envelopes in a great variety of colors, sizes, and materials, and choose the one that meets your needs.

7. Contour Flap Envelope

Contour Flap Envelope

Contour flap envelopes are high-end paper envelopes known for their rich appearance and luxurious texture. These types of envelopes stand out in the market and are a great choice for sending invitations and greetings.

Contour flap envelopes usually have an elongated flap that nearly touches the bottom of the envelope. Moreover, this contour also has a great curve to it, giving these envelopes an enticing appearance.

8. Regular Envelope

Regular envelope

A regular paper envelope is a standard envelope with a plain appearance. These envelopes do not have any windows, or designs, and are usually available in solid colors like white and beige.

However, you can find a regular envelope in other colors as well. Regular envelopes are available in a wide range of sizes. You can find an envelope that matches your size requirement and use this envelope for professional and formal communication.

9. Square Envelope

Square Envelope

As the name suggests, a square envelope is an envelope with a square shape. These envelopes are known to draw attention and are commonly used for announcements and invitations. You can find a square envelope in various dimensions. However, all of these dimensions will only enlarge the size of the envelope while preserving its iconic square shape.

Owing to their high versatility, square envelopes are available in various designs, materials, and colors. You can find an envelope that fits your needs, whether it is sending an invitation, making an announcement, or even marketing your brand and its products.

10. Open-end Envelope

Open-end Envelope

Open-end envelopes are known for being highly secure and useful. These envelopes have an opening at the shorter end and can be used for a variety of purposes, from storing papers to coins and even sending letters. This paper envelope is also used for mailing magazines, books, brochures, and even bundles of important documents.

Do note that open-end envelopes are often confused with open-side envelopes. However, these are two very different types of envelopes. Unlike open-end envelopes, an open-side envelope has a wallet-like appearance and opens on its long edge.
You can find open-end envelopes in a wide range of colors and sizes. Moreover, you can also choose from self-adhesive and non-adhesive open-end envelopes.

11. Booklet Envelope

Booklet Envelope

A booklet envelope is one of the most popularly chosen paper envelopes for professionally sending booklets through mail. This envelope has a long-side opening and usually comes with a peel-and-seal type sealing material. Booklet envelopes usually have a square flap that makes it easy to insert any object into the envelope without damaging it.

In addition, booklet envelopes are ideal not only for sending books but are also a popular choice when it comes to sending sales literature, business reports, etc.

12. Document Envelope

Document Envelope

Document envelopes are usually large-sized paper envelopes that come in handy for storing and mailing documents like magazines, booklets, catalogs, etc. The exact size of these documents depends on the size of the material that it is supposed to contain.

Generally speaking, document envelopes open at both ends. This ensures that the documents can easily be inserted and withdrawn from the envelope without tearing or damaging it. Document envelopes, owing to their high quality, ensure that the intended documents reach the receiver safely and without any damage. This has resulted in the widespread popularity of document envelopes that extend beyond merely sending documents.

13. Remittance Envelope

Remittance Envelopes

Remittance envelopes are special types of envelopes used for collecting money that comes from donations and charities. These envelopes ensure the identity discreetness of the sender, making them a popular choice for this purpose. Moreover, today remittance envelopes are being used for various other reasons apart from collecting donations.

In addition, remittance envelopes are highly useful for environmental conservation. These envelopes have a form printed on them. This reduces paper use by NGOs and other donation-seeking organizations while maintaining proper documentation. This factor makes remittance envelopes a great choice for such uses.

14. Coin Envelope

Coin Envelope

A coin envelope is a type of paper envelope that is especially used to hold valuable items. Originally, these envelopes were made to store coins. However, today coin envelopes are used for a variety of purposes apart from storing coins. One can use coin envelopes to store tips, medical samples, and more.

These are usually small-sized envelopes with high durability and sleek design. Moreover, coin envelopes can be made from various materials, other than paper. While most coin envelopes are small-sized, the exact size of a coin envelope depends on its end use.

15. Mini Envelope

Mini Envelope

Mini envelopes are small-sized envelopes that can be used for numerous purposes, from sending cards and invitations to storing business cards, and even other materials. Mini envelopes often come in a wide range of designs and colors.

The thickness of a mini envelope can vary depending on the use. However, a standard mini envelope can carry anywhere from 4 to 6 business cards. You can also get self-locking mini envelopes that provide wide storage and minimal protection. All these factors make mini envelopes a popular choice.

These were some of the top types of paper envelopes available in the market. While there are numerous other types, these are a few highly popular ones.

Different Materials Used in Manufacturing Paper Mailing Envelopes

Paper is the most commonly used material for making envelopes. However, it is important to note that there are numerous types of paper that can be used for envelope manufacturing. This section will shed light on the most popular types of material used for creating paper envelopes. Read this section carefully to understand these materials and make the right choice while buying a paper envelope.

1. Regular Paper

Regular paper, also known as virgin paper, is the most popular material for envelope manufacturing. These types of envelopes are made from freshly made paper manufactured from wood pulp.

The envelopes made from regular paper are usually of superior quality. People prefer using such envelopes for sending invitations and greetings as these envelopes often leave a positive impression on the receiver.

2. Recycled Paper

As more and more people are focusing on environment conservation, the demand for environment-friendly envelopes is rising. Taking this demand into consideration, more and more people are now preferring envelopes made from recycled paper.

These types of paper envelopes are made by reusing old paper. This not only reduces the carbon footprint of the paper envelope manufacturing process but also enables people to lead an environment conservation-focused lifestyle.

3. Translucent Paper

One of the latest types of paper used for manufacturing envelopes is translucent paper. These almost-see-through envelopes are useful for creating envelopes where the receiver can get an idea of their contents.

Nowadays, people prefer using translucent paper envelopes for sending invitations, greeting cards, etc. You can choose from various colors when it comes to translucent envelopes. These envelopes, while being fragile, have an appealing look to them, making them a popular choice at present.

These were a few types of papers used in manufacturing envelopes. You can choose the material that you prefer and get an envelope of your choice. However, apart from the material, another important factor in choosing a paper envelope is the size of the envelope. In the coming section, we will look at the size guide for paper envelopes.

Paper Envelope Size Guide

It is important to choose the right size for your envelope. Doing so requires knowing about the standard envelope sizes. Alternatively, you can also customize the envelopes and get envelopes that your unique requirements. Nevertheless, let’s look at the standard size chart for paper envelopes.

Envelope TypeMillimetersInches
C3324 x 458mm12.75 x 18.03 inch
C4229 x 324mm9.01 x 12.75 inch
C5162 x 229mm6.37 x 9.01 inch
C6114 x 162mm4.48 x 6.37 inch
C783 x 112mm3.26 x 4.40 inch
C8110 x 220mm4.33 x 8.66 inch

Summing It Up

Choosing the right paper envelope is important to ensure the optimal safety and security of the contents within the envelope. In this blog, we have provided complete information on paper envelopes, their types, different materials used in making paper envelopes, and standard sizes of paper envelopes. You can use this information to choose the right envelope that fits your requirements. Doing so will help you ensure an optimal mailing experience and find the right envelope that befits your requirements.

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