If you want to save money, then the best way of buying thermal paper rolls is to do it bulk. You are likely to get a discount, and you will also not have to worry about running out of them in the middle of a transaction. However, the challenge always comes in knowing how to store your rolls so that you make the most out of them. Here in this article, we have listed 10 typical places to never store your thermal paper rolls.

1. Near the window/lit place

When thermal paper is exposed to direct sunlight, it fades, loses its shape, and may start unwinding. This means that you should not place them at a place where they will be exposed to daily direct sunlight. Instead, you should store them in a dark place to maximize their shelf lives and make them usable as intended. Whenever you are thinking of storage, bear in mind that thermal rolls are destroyed by UV rays and direct heat.

2. In a humid place room

Avoid placing thermal papers in humid places, as they are likely to absorb moisture and get ruined. The humidity level they can be exposed to should range between 45% and 65%. Anything higher than that will ruin your papers.

3. Near oils and liquids

Water and oils can greatly compromise the quality of thermal papers. They will not only degrade the paper but also react with the coating and discolor it. If you live in a flood-prone area, get watertight storage facilities, or put them on raised ground to avoid loss.

4. Inside your car

You should always store the papers at a temperature below 77 degrees Fahrenheit. This means that you can absolutely not have them in your car. Another reason to avoid piling them in your vehicle is the fact that exposure to sunlight will destroy them. Even the trunk/boot of your car is not an advisable place to store them, as they will still be exposed to extreme temperatures.

5. In the kitchen

Paper and fire do not mix. It is a hazard to have thermal rolls in the kitchen. If they catch fire, you will end up losing the paper and the entire building. The heat in the cooking place is also another reason why you should not have thermal rolls inside your kitchen. Heat makes the colors fade out, and you will be left with black or gray paper.

6. In walk-in coolers

You need optimal humidity of between 45% and 65% for thermal paper to maintain its integrity and functionality. Due to temperature fluctuations and high humidity in coolers, you may want to seek another storage place if you want your rolls to serve you better and longer.

7. At a place with many people

If you store the thermal paper where there is a large number of people, the chances of them being constantly touched or moved are higher. You do not want to end up with fingerprints, torn or mishandled papers. Find a place that you can possibly lock-up to avoid people tampering with them.

8. Next to organic solvent

Organic solvents such as alcohol or cleaning fluids will pour right through your thermal roll. When these products penetrate your paper, you may never be able to use them, as they will completely rub off the color on the surface.

9. Near adhesives

If your thermal roll gets into contact with adhesives, the receipt is a disaster. You will not be able to unwind it and use it. If you work in a station where you are constantly using adhesives, then you should ensure your papers are not in the vicinity.

10. In dusty places

Dust is an enemy of your paper. It will make them look dull and get rid of the sheen that is often associated with thermal rolls. Moreover, having dusty paper will interfere with your printer, as you will be introducing coats of dust that will affect functionality.

The key to getting the best use out of your papers, especially if you bought them in bulk, is to store them well. It would be pointless to try and save money by buying many thermal papers at a go, only to be forced to get rid of them because they got ruined during storage.