How to Win Thermal Paper Roll Tender?

//How to Win Thermal Paper Roll Tender?

How to Win Thermal Paper Roll Tender?

Recently we have got many inquiries from customers, they said they were in a tender for a big thermal paper roll order. Our Morocco customer was bidding for 450,000rolls 80x80mm thermal roll order for the local largest supermarkets, and the U.S customer was bidding for the 3 1/8” x 230′ thermal roll for the largest printer company. Here in this article we will give you some instruction about how to win the thermal paper roll tender.

1. Strategy Matters

Good strategy is more important than effort, it makes you succeed in an efficient and easy way. Here we will introduce you a good negotiation strategy in paper roll tender, we call it “Differentiation Strategy”. Image that you are in a tender for 80 x 80mm thermal roll order, the largest shopping mall in your country is purchasing the paper and has sent invitations to many suppliers. You are just among of them, how could you stand out and beat them?

Now you can use the “Differentiation Strategy”. You can present 3 different 80 x 80mm thermal paper qualities to your customer, let’s say they are:

You can recommend Grade B paper to customer

Here are some situations you may meet in the tender:

  • If your customer wants lowest pricing, you can say:”You can use Grade C paper, the price is low, but the quality is a little concerning. Maybe you can try Grade B paper, the price is just a little higher, but the quality is good.”
  • If your customer wants high quality paper, you can say:”You can use Grade A paper, the quality is satisfying, but the price is also high. Maybe you can try Grade B paper, the quality is also good,but the price is cheaper than Grade A.”
80 x 80mm Thermal Roll Tender

80 x 80mm Thermal Roll

So with the “Differentiation Strategy”, you have presented the choices to your customer and let them make the decision.

2. Price Matters, But Not Determines

When purchasing millions of paper rolls,the buyer must consider many factors, they may include:

  • Pricing
  • Quality
  • Delivery
  • Supplier reputation
  • Cash flow
  • Production capacity
  • ………

The tender is a competition of overall strength, not just pricing. So before you participate in a tender, analyze every factor that may influence on the tender, you can score for every factor and calculate the total score you got.

3. Choose a Good Supplier

A good paper roll supplier can provide much essential information and help you win the tender. They can give you consultation in every detail from packing, carton design, core requirement, container load, shipping lines & period, etc. Our company is a good choice for you when you are in a tender since we have many years experience in the business.


Despite of the above factors,the good luck also matters a lot in the tender. Anyway, if you got any question in the paper roll tender,freely email,our sales team will be glad to figure out the problem for you.

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