Credit cards have become the most dominant form of payment in most of the retail outlets. You need to make sure that the credit machine is working always. During the lunch hour rush or the peak hours, there is no time to call anyone in case there is a problem with the credit card machine. You have to try and fix the machine yourself in such a case. The most common problem which people often face is when the paper roll gets over.

At such a point in time, you do not have the luxury to call someone out wait for someone who is able to change the paper roll. The best option in such a case is to do it yourself. Surprisingly, the procedure to do so is not that difficult at all. We will today share with you the step-by-step procedure to put a new roll into the machine. If you want to learn it easily, you can refer to this video tutorial.

credit card paper roll

Step 1: Getting the roll ready

Each and every roll is sealed with the help of a tape at the beginning. You have to remove the tape and roll about 1 inch of paper from the roll. This paper is needed to adjust the role in its proper place before closing the machine.

Step 2: Opening the credit card machine

Most of the machines have the “Open” or “Load Paper button. The position of this button will vary depending on the exact machine which you are using. In most of the machines, however, the location of the button is near to the place from where the paper receipt is dispensed. In many machines, there is a red light indicator to indicate that the roll is over. In such machines, the button is often near the red light indicator. You have to press this button in order to open the machine.

Step 3: Remove the current roll assembly

You have to first and foremost remove the leftover roll and throw it away. You have to then place the new roll into the machine. You have to hold the 1-inch roll which you had taken out in step 1. (the standard paper roll sizes for credit card machine are 57mm x 40mm, 57mm x 50mm, 57mm x 38mm, etc. If you are not sure of the paper roll sizes used in your machine, you can read this article.)

Step 4: Feeding the paper into the slot

The extra 1 inch of paper should be fed to the slot in the credit card machine which dispenses the receipt. Once you pass it through that slot, thereafter only you can work towards closing the machine. The slot is similar to the slot in the ATM machine which dispenses cash.

Step 5: Setting the paper roll in position

You have to then press the paper feed button. This will extract more paper from the roll to set it in place. This button ensures that you are able to pull in the paper in position. While it is available in most of the modern machines but it is not present in the older ones. If you’re using an older machine, you have to move the roll manually through the slot in order to set it in place.

Step 6: Closing the credit card machine

Only once the roll is in place, you can close the credit card machine.

Step 7: Checking the current status of the roll

You need to keep in mind that to ensure that the machine never runs out of roll suddenly, it is important to keep a watch on the receipts which are coming out of the machine. If there are red lines on the receipt which are coming out from the machine, it indicates that the roll is about to get over.

The entire procedure to put in the new roll in the machine will not take you more than 5 minutes. Once you follow this procedure step-by-step, it will indeed become much easier for you to change the role at any given point in time.

3 Precautions which you should take when changing the paper roll:

credit card terminal rolls

There are a few precautions which you need to take in order to avoid any kind of mistake while putting in the roll. These precautions include:

  • You need to first and foremost make sure that the paper roll is of the right dimensions. Most of the credit card machine paper rolls come in standard sizes.
  • You have to also ensure that the paper is properly fed into the slot before closing the machine.
  • You need to always remove the tape from the role before inserting it into the machine.

These 3 tips will certainly help you avoid any kind of mistake while changing the roll. So, the next time around you want to insert a new roll into the machine, it is important for you to follow this step-by-step guide. Only once you are able to do that, it will become easier for you to put in a new roll into the credit card machine.