Everyone knows the small thermal paper rolls are made from jumbo rolls with the slitting and rewinding machine. But do you know how many small finished rolls you can make from one jumbo roll? If you know the answer, you will have a better understanding of how thermal roll prices are formed. In this article, we will answer this question for you!

First, we’ll assume you are familiar with the following:

If you understand these basics, we can go on to the question.

Jumbo thermal paper rolls

Thermal jumbo rolls Source: Panda Paper Roll

1. How many 80mm x 80mm thermal rolls can you make from one jumbo roll?

80mm x 80mm thermal roll is the most popular size among the various paper roll sizes. We ship about 10-15 containers of 80mm x 80mm thermal rolls to the worldwide market every month. It is compatible with any receipt printer that requires an 80mm width thermal roll, such as Epson, NCR, Uniwell, Sharp, etc. We usually use the 558mm x 6000m jumbo rolls to produce the 80mm x 80mm thermal rolls. So the question is: how many 80mm x 80mm thermal rolls can you make from one 558mm x 6000m jumbo roll?

Blades on slitting machines

Blades on slitting machines Source: Panda Paper Roll

The 558mm width jumbo roll is cut into 7 rows

The 558mm width jumbo roll is cut into 7 rows Source: Panda Paper Roll

From the above picture, we can clearly see that the blades cut the jumbo rolls into 7 rows (558mm/79mm=7). Also, we know the length of one 80mm x 80mm thermal roll is around 60m, so there can be 100 rolls (6000m/60m=100 rolls) cut out per row. Hence, 700 rolls (7 rows x 100 rolls/row = 700 rolls) can be made from one jumbo roll.

There is still an easier way to figure out this question. From this article, we can know:

  • The weight of one 80mm x 80mm thermal roll is 0.29kg (0.08m x 60m x 0.06kg/m² =0.29kg).
  • The weight of one jumbo roll is 200kg (0.558mm x 6000m x 0.06kg/m² = 200kg).

So, as we can easily see, we can get about 690 rolls (200kg/0.29kg=690 rolls) from one jumbo roll. This method allows a little tolerance in calculating since there is some paper wasted in the manufacturing process. In any case, this is just another method for your reference.

2. How many 57mm x 40mm thermal rolls can you make from one jumbo roll?

57mm x 40mm Thermal paper roll is another popular paper roll size. Many customers will order this size along with 80mm x 80mm thermal paper when they make a purchase from us. It is widely used in credit cards, mobile POS terminals, and many other applications. We usually use a 565mm x 6000m jumbo roll to produce the 57mm x 40mm paper size. So the question is: how many 57mm x 40mm thermal rolls can we make from one 565mm x 6000m jumbo roll?

The 565mm jumbo roll is cut into 10 rows Source: Panda Paper Roll

With the same method, we can see the blades can cut the jumbo rolls into 10 rows (565mm/56m=10). As the 57mm x 40mm thermal roll’s length is 12m, there can be 500 rolls (6000m/12m= 500 rolls) out per row. Hence, we can get 5,000 rolls (10 rows x 500 rolls/row = 5,000 rolls) from one 565mm x 6000m jumbo roll.

We can also use the “weight method” to verify our calculations:

  • The weight of one 57mm x 40mm thermal roll is 0.04kg (0.56m x 12m x 0.06kg/m²=0.04kg),
  • The weight of one jumbo roll is 200kg (0.565m x 6000m x 0.06kg/m²= 200kg)

So we can easily get there can be 5,000 rolls (200kg/0.04kg= 5,000 rolls) come out from one jumbo roll.


Understanding this question is important because you will know how many jumbo rolls you must procure when your customer orders. This knowledge also lets you monitor your production rate. For example, if you know your jumbo roll should produce 5,000 rolls and your employee only produces 4900 rolls, your production rate is 98%.

Now, do you clearly understand these two questions?

  • How many 80mm x 70mm thermal rolls can come from one 636mm x 5800m jumbo roll?
  • How many 57mm x 50mm thermal rolls can come from one 565mm x 6000m jumbo roll?

You can leave your comment below to answer the questions. If you still have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].

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About the Author: Frank Ouyang

Frank Ouyang is the sales manager at Panda Paper Roll Company - a leading factory of thermal paper rolls, label rolls, and other print-related products in China. With extensive experience in the industry, Frank is an expert in thermal paper knowledge and enjoys sharing his insights and expertise with clients, helping them achieve their goals and maximize their success.
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1 year ago

I am looking to set up a small scale toilet paper in Kenya. If successful, we shall expand. I have limited budget. I need a rewinding machine plus cutter plus a packaging machine from China. Further, I want to buy Jambo rolls plus packaging plastic paper from China as well. All in one container.

If the Jambo roll is say 1200mm diameter and 2200mm long, how many toilet rolls should I expect if the roll is 1) single ply, and 2) double?

Help me with a machine that is durable and not expensive.

brian Stander
1 year ago

jumbo roll is 900mm x 1000mm weight 900 kg gsm 80 how many 80 x 80 rolls will come out

6 months ago
Reply to  Frank Ouyang

Hi Frank

3000 roll is that per roll whole 900 kg or pe row of the 900kg?

Last edited 6 months ago by Nathan
Duma Rudolf
Duma Rudolf
2 years ago

110mmx 100mm toilet tissue rolls , how many can a 1000kg jumbo roll produce

4 years ago

How much is the cost of 558mm x 6000m jumbo cash rolls

Bhupendra saini
Bhupendra saini
3 years ago
Reply to  Arun

Jumbo roll price

Frank Yoder
5 years ago

Very interesting. Thanks for educating me on this process.
-Frank Yoder

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