How Many Receipts Could You Get from One Paper Roll?

//How Many Receipts Could You Get from One Paper Roll?

How Many Receipts Could You Get from One Paper Roll?

Imagine you are the owner of a busy fast food restaurant, when you make a monthly budget for your procurement of paper rolls, you should first know how many rolls used in your restaurant every month. But how could you get this data? In another case, if you are a procurement manager at a big supermarket, how would you determine the monthly procurement quantity for the paper rolls? This is an interesting and practical question, knowing this will help you a better understanding of paper rolls. Here in this article, we will figure out for you.

It typically takes 3 steps to solve this question.

Step 1: Measure the Receipt’s Length

You should gather as many receipts as you can, then you can measure the receipt’s length with a ruler. Try to get at least 10 groups of data, and calculate the average data of the length. This is because the receipt’s length varies a lot depending on the customer’s ordering dishes in your restaurant or shopping quantities in your supermarket.

receipt's length

Step 2: Get the Paper Roll’s Length

You should know the printer model or paper roll size you are using first. Then you can get the paper roll’s length simply with the 3 ways below:

  1. Ask the length from your paper roll supplier. Your paper roll supplier should know the paper roll’s length, ask them about this, but make sure they are not tricking on you
  2. Measure the roll’s length. You can unroll the paper rolls, and measure the unrolled paper length with a tape measure (Yes, it is a little difficult).
  3. Use the formula. Since you know the paper roll size you’re using (such as 80mm x 80mm thermal roll size), you can read this article to know how to calculate the paper roll’s length or use the formula below.


Download the paper roll length calculating tool

get it now
get it now

Step 3: Do Some Simple Math

In step 1 & 2, we have known the average single receipt’s length and the paper roll’s total length, we can easily get how many receipts could be printed out from one single roll. For example, the average receipt’s length is 12cm, the 80mm x 80mm thermal roll’s length is 60m, we can get there can be 500 pieces of receipts (60m / 0.12m = 500) printed from one single roll. This is a very practical question in some cases.

Example 1:

If you are the owner of a busy fast food restaurant, you are using 80mm x 80mm (60m) thermal rolls for your printer. The daily traffic is 150 persons every day, that means 150 receipts required, and the average receipt’s length is 15cm. So in this case you need at least one piece of paper roll every 3 days (60m/0.15m=400 receipts, 400/150=2.6). That means you will need 10 rolls of 80mm x 80mm thermal paper (30/3 =10) every month.

Example 2:

If you are the procurement manager at a busy supermarket, you received 2 price quotations from 2 paper roll suppliers: 80mm x 80mm x 80m 55gsm at $0.750/roll and 80mm x 80mm x 60m 60gsm at $0.650. How will you determine which supplier to buy from? You can compare the price per meter: $0.00937 ($0.75/80m) vs $0.0108 ($0.650/60m). So it is much more cost effective to buy 80mm x 80mm x 80m 55gsm (although the unit price seems higher).


Don’t only force on the price per roll, but also force on the price per meter – so you can get the paper rolls you pay for. Low prices, quality product, and top service are out there. Find a manufacturer or dealer that you trust. Panda Paper Roll is always your best choice for buying the premium paper rolls at an affordable price.

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