Paperworld Middle East is the largest international trade exhibition for the stationery, paper, gifts and office supplies industry in the Middle East. We traveled to Dubai to attend in the exhibition from Feb 27th to Mar 1st, 2018. 50% of our sales and 60% our profit comes from the Middle East market (UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, etc).


Here are some things we gained from this exhibition:

  1. We met with old customers. Many of our old customers have ordered containers of paper rolls from us before. However, they only communicated with us online (by email, phone, etc.), and we never met them. During this exhibition, they visited our booth, and we had the pleasure of meeting them face-to-face to get to know them and talk about business.
  2. We met with new customers. Many of the exhibition visitors were impressed by our poster designs and expressed a desire to drop by and check our paper samples. We exchanged business cards with them and will have further business discussions after we return to the office.
  3. We also had discussions with other paper roll suppliers. We met with other paper roll suppliers from China, Malaysia, and Japan. All of us agreed that thermal paper prices would keep increasing in the next 6 months since the coating chemical supply issue still hasn’t been resolved. You can read this article for a comprehensive explanation of this pricing situation. My advice for you is: the earlier you order, the better price you can get. If you are still hesitating, you will pay a higher price than now.
  4. We toured and explored Dubai. We visited The Dubai Mall – the largest shopping mall in the world – and Burj Khalifa –  the tallest structure in the world. Dubai is an impressive, clean, safe, and charming city!

It was a very successful business trip to Dubai. We are very keen to come to Paperworld Middle East exhibition again in 2019.

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About the Author: Frank Ouyang

Frank Ouyang is the sales manager at Panda Paper Roll Company - a leading factory of thermal paper rolls, label rolls, and other print-related products in China. With extensive experience in the industry, Frank is an expert in thermal paper knowledge and enjoys sharing his insights and expertise with clients, helping them achieve their goals and maximize their success.

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