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What’s your thermal paper grade?

Thermal paper rolls come in a range of thickness from 50gsm to 80gsm. We are mainly using 60gsm thermal paper for our customers now, since 60gsm thermal paper has appropriate length and favorable price. Take 80mm x 80mm paper roll as an example: Size [...]

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How to describe a paper roll size?

There are 3 parameters to describe a paper roll size: Width, Diameter (or Length), Core. For example, for 80mm x 70mm x 12mm thermal paper, it means the paper roll width is 80mm, the diameter is 70mm, and the core is 12 mm. In most [...]

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How to identify thermal paper and woodfree paper?

As thermal paper is coated with chemicals that allow the activation of the chemicals to produce a specific color (usually black) when put in contact with a heat source. So the easiest way to identify thermal paper and woodfree paper is scratching [...]

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What’s thermal paper? and how does it work?

Thermal paper is a specialty paper that changes color when subjected to heat, without the use of traditional ink. This effect is achieved by coating the paper with heat-sensitive dyes and developers during the manufacturing process. A thermal print head consists of [...]

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