What’s Your Packing of The Paper Rolls?

To prevent the paper rolls from moisture & dust, and protect them on long distance delivery, we usually pack the rolls with 2 ways: Wrapped Foil:   This is a traditional way to pack the rolls. The rolls are individually wrapped with silver [...]

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How Do You Arrange the Paper Rolls Delivery?

We generally ship the goods worldwide by sea. The products will be in a shipping container when arriving at the port. You are responsible for picking up your shipment and customs clearance on your side. But in some cases, we can deliver [...]

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What’s Your Thermal Paper Grade?

Thermal paper rolls come in a range of thickness from 50gsm to 80gsm. We are mainly using 60gsm thermal paper for our customers now since 60gsm thermal paper has an appropriate length and favorable price. Take 80mm x 80mm paper roll as an example: [...]

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How to Describe a Paper Roll Size?

There are 3 parameters to describe a paper roll size: Width, Diameter (or Length), Core. For example, for 80mm x 70mm x 12mm thermal paper, it means the paper roll width is 80mm, the diameter is 70mm, and the core is 12 mm. In most [...]

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How to identify thermal paper and woodfree paper?

As thermal paper is coated with chemicals that allow the activation of the chemicals to produce a specific color (usually black) when put in contact with a heat source. So the easiest way to identify thermal paper and woodfree paper is scratching [...]

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What’s Thermal Paper? and How Does It Work?

Thermal paper is a specialty paper that changes color when subjected to heat, without the use of traditional ink. This effect is achieved by coating the paper with heat-sensitive dyes and developers during the manufacturing process. You can check this Infographic to [...]

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