Coreless thermal paper rolls offer great value for businesses. It’s a new trend in 2021, and more companies switch to using them because of the benefits they offer, like savings on production and shipping costs. In this article, we will walk you through the benefits of using coreless thermal paper rolls and how they will impact your business as a whole.

Save Costs, Go for Value

Coreless paper roll

Most thermal paper rolls have a core made of plastic or cardboard to support the structure of the paper wound onto it, but it’s often thrown away once the entire roll is consumed. Instead of wasting your money, look for paper roll manufacturers and negotiate with them to produce coreless thermal paper rolls. They don’t need to procure plastic and paper cores in this case, resulting in lower production costs. As a buyer, you will get a low price per unit than before.

Cost-Effective and Favorable for Buyers

Thermal paper rolls are not created equally, which means they also come in different paper grades and lengths. Even the length involves a little bit of mathematical computation related to its core size. If you order the same diameter of paper roll, you will get a longer paper length as the core is replaced with paper, maximizing every length of it for printing receipts.

If we exclude the core, then the hole will only measure 8mm in diameter, which is smaller than the regular plastic core size at 12.7mm (1/2″), resulting in a longer paper length. For example, a paper roll size of 57mm x 40mm has a 12 meter length with a standard plastic core. If we exclude the core, then the paper length can be 13 meters, making it longer and more valuable.

Save Space and Transportation Costs

If you choose the same length of paper roll, you can get a smaller diameter, saving more space if you order in bulk. For example, the 80mm x 80meters thermal paper roll has a diameter of 80mm with 12.7 mm of plastic core, but you can shorten the diameter to 77mm for the same length at 80 meters without the core.

You will save the carton cubic space in containers for your orders, including the shipping costs, because most logistic companies charge customers per cubic meter. With a shorter diameter, you can import more paper rolls in fewer containers as you save space. Imagine that you use three containers with your existing orders, but with coreless thermal rolls, you’d probably use two for overseas orders.

Coreless Paper Rolls are Environmental-Friendly

The cores are not recyclable as most of them are made of plastic, and most users, like cashiers, will throw them away once the paper rolls run out. It’s like you pay for a core and throw money, even if it’s just cents. Moreover, they will likely end up in a wasteland, or worst, could be in water resources if not disposed of properly. At the end of the day, as a business owner, you want to fulfill your social responsibility to the environment and be a good steward of resources.

Easy to Maintain and Extends Printer’s Lifespan

Coreless thermal paper rolls are easy to install and maintain. If one runs out, your cashier doesn’t have to remove the old core before installing a new one, which saves much time, especially during peak hours when printing receipts is very urgent. On top of that, the use of paper core also accumulates dust in the printer’s printhead. That’s why for maintenance, you need to clean it regularly. Unable to do so will lead to poor print quality because dust and dirt stuck in the printhead will affect the printouts. Therefore, with coreless thermal papers, you lessen the dust accumulation on the printhead.

Final Thoughts

Coreless thermal papers are in, and not only do they help you save costs, but they are also environmentally friendly. When you ask a paper roll manufacturer to produce coreless rolls, you are also doing them a favor as they don’t need to procure plastic cores, and they will charge you less on the price per unit.

Are you thinking of going coreless? Look no further; let us know how we can help you with your next purchase.

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About the Author: Frank Ouyang

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