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5 Benefits of Using Thermal Thicket Roll for Queue System

Currently, many businesses with queuing systems have begun to embrace the use of thermal thicket rolls. A thermal roll is a form of paper that has a unique coating meant for inkless printing. It is the most preferred paper because it offers [...]

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Cash Register Rolls: Know the Difference Between Them

THERMAL PAPER Thermal paper is available in about 30-40 varieties. The reason for this is that thermal paper is specifically coated so that the heat in the printer equipment’s print head creates an image and is matched to the exact thermal paper [...]

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7 Tips to Use Thermal Receipt Paper Healthily

Much scientific research has shown that Bisphenol A (BPA) poses many health risks to humans. Among such risks include exposure to prostate and breast cancer, brain development abnormalities, reproductive systems complications, and cardiovascular conditions. While food is often the primary source of [...]

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Thermal Printer Paper Roll Size: 4 Specs to Know Before Ordering

Knowing the correct paper roll size is the first step to start your paper roll business. If you know the model of your receipt printer, you can simply Google about the receipt printer model or ask your paper supplier, you can usually get exactly [...]

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Buy Thermal Paper Rolls Online: 5 Secrets You Should Know

The thermal paper roll business has long been treated as a rather “small” domain on the fringe of many company operations, many have ignored the thermal paper market as worthy of their time. However, contrary to many of these beliefs, the thermal [...]

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