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Guest Post: 6 Important Elements of a Great Restaurant Website

Having a great website is crucial to the success of any restaurant. Whether it’s looking up the menu, making a reservation, finding out your hours of operation or ordering food online, customers almost always search for a restaurant online before dining there. [...]

2016-11-02T17:30:16+00:00By |Marketing Strategy|

Paper Receipts: Why Do We still Use It in the Digital Age?

Sometimes it seems like traditional cash transactions and paper receipts are almost obsolete. Many transactions now result in electronic receipts, in fact the entire transaction - selection, payment, shipping, contractual agreements, receipts, etc. - may occur completely online. Yet, there are many reasons [...]

2018-11-27T10:47:35+00:00By |Marketing Strategy|

3 Predictions for Thermal Paper Market in Next 10 Years

The following are 3 predictions of the thermal paper market for the next 10 years, based on my 7 years of experience in thermal paper manufacture industry. 1. Thermal paper market will shrink The concept of paperless, electronic receipts - “e-receipts” - [...]

2018-12-10T05:04:18+00:00By |Marketing Strategy|

Printed Receipt Paper: A New Marketing Trend You Can’t Ignore in 2016

What many don’t understand these days is that even though so many aspects of the retail industry have gone digital, printed receipt paper is alive and very well and it is a new marketing trend. Receipt paper shouldn’t be looked at simply [...]

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Benefits of Buying Thermal Paper Rolls from China

The biggest advantage of the thermal printers is that they can produce more lasting output, compared to ink-using printers. The printouts, created via thermal printers, can last up to several years – in some cases, even decades! The cost efficiency of the [...]

2018-10-23T05:08:13+00:00By |Marketing Strategy|
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