Buy Thermal Rolls Online: 5 Secrets You Should Know

Thermal paper roll business has long been treated as a rather “small” domain on the fringe of many company operations, many have ignored the thermal paper market as worthy of their time. However, contrary to many of these beliefs, thermal paper business [...]

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Paper Receipts: Why Do We still Use It in the Digital Age?

Sometimes it seems like traditional cash transactions and paper receipts are almost obsolete. Many transactions now result in electronic receipts, in fact the entire transaction - selection, payment, shipping, contractual agreements, receipts, etc. - may occur completely online. Yet, there are many reasons [...]

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Will Mobile Payment Spell the End of Paper Receipts? (Infographic)

The realm of mobile payment is evolving and making ripples in the sea of digital advancements, thanks to the marketing efforts of the big brands in the likes of Apple, Starbucks, Google, Samsung, and Disney. While the overall adoption of both consumers [...]

5 Interesting Facts about Thermal Paper Roll (Infographic)

Thermal printing is becoming highly popular among businesses these days, mostly due to its quality and reliability. More than any kind of printer that uses ink, a thermal printer generates long-lasting output minus the hefty price tag. The technology utilizes a kind [...]

Receipt Paper: Why It Fades and How to Restore It?

For consumers, keeping receipts for small purchases may not make a lot of sense. For business owners, on the other hand, filing sales receipts can save tons of money and time down the road. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a consumer, holding [...]

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Thermal Receipt Paper Quality – 6 Attributes You Should Know

Selecting the right thermal receipt paper for your printing application is very important. The direct thermal material is engineered much differently than the standard paper used in dot matrix printers. It contains chemicals that allow the paper to produce an image once [...]

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Thermal Receipt Paper: 6 Ways that It can Act as a Marketing Tool (Infographic)

We give you six ways thermal receipt paper rolls can help you market to your customers, boost business profitability, and encourage consumer loyalty.