The significance of ATM receipt paper is often overlooked, yet it plays an essential role in the payment industry. In fact, in the US, over 256,300 tons of thermal receipt paper are consumed every year. Even in an era dominated by electronic payments, ATM paper offers advantages for both businesses and consumers. They’re a physical record you can easily keep on hand in your wallet, providing a crucial layer of security in case you need to dispute a questionable charge.

This article dives deeper into the key benefits of using ATM paper. Keep reading to see why they’re here to stay!

ATM Receipt Paper Benefits

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1. Easy to Install and Convenient to Use

ATM paper rolls are compact and lightweight. When the ATM machine runs out of paper, the ATM paper rolls can be installed in minutes. Most ATM paper are made of thermal paper, which makes printing faster.

ATM papers are also highly versatile and can be used in various applications. For example, they can be used to print receipts for sales transactions, ATM withdrawals, credit card payments, and more. In addition, businesses can print texts in various languages, making them a valuable tool for companies with international operations.

2. Fast and Clear Printing

ATM paper is made from thermal paper, a specialty paper with an invisible chemical coating on the surface. Unlike traditional paper, which uses thermal transfer ribbons or ink toners, thermal paper uses heat to print texts and images.

A thermal reaction happens when the ATM paper comes in contact with the compact printer’s printhead, which produces letters and images in black and white or colored for mere milliseconds. This means customers don’t need to wait long for the receipt paper to come out.

3. Reduced Printing Cost

With the POS printer market expected to grow by $4,877 million by 2027, it’s no wonder many establishments prefer these machines to traditional ink printers.

As mentioned above, ATM paper printing doesn’t require thermal transfer ribbons or ink toners, so it has a relatively lower printing cost. The only cost is the ATM paper itself and the compact thermal printer.

Additionally, ATM receipts are shorter and less detailed than paper receipts, meaning that less paper is used overall. As a result, businesses can save money on printing costs by switching to ATM receipts. Instead of buying ink ribbons and toners, they will save hundreds of dollars with thermal printing.

4. Versatile Sizes for Different ATM Brands and Models

ATM paper is a vital consumable part of an ATM. It comes in various sizes and types, each designed for use with specific brands and models of ATMs. NCR, Diebold Nixdorf, Hitachi, Fujitsu, and other manufacturers produce ATM models requiring particular paper types.

The most common ATM paper sizes are 80mm x 180mm x 25mm and 80mm x 200mm x 17mm, with black sensor marks printed on the paper to cut the receipt paper automatically. However, suppliers can provide other sizes based on ATM machine models.

NCR paper is designed for high-speed printing and is often used in high-traffic areas. Meanwhile, Diebold Nixdorf paper is designed for heavier prints and is often used in ATMs with thermal printers, and Hitachi paper is more durable and ideal for outdoor ATMs. On the other hand, Fujitsu paper is heat resistant and is often used in ATMs located in hot or humid climates.

5. A Great Proof for Card Fraud

ATM paper can act as proof for transaction details to help prevent card fraud, etc. ATM receipts provide an essential safeguard against card fraud. Business owners and retailers can quickly spot unauthorized charges by keeping track of their receipts.

Moreover, ATM receipts can help identify the source of the fraud, making it easier to resolve the issue. In addition, many banks now offer a text or email alerts for suspicious activity on an account.

By enrolling in these alerts, business owners and retailers can stay informed about any potential fraudulent activity and take steps to protect their finances. In short, ATM receipts are excellent proof of card fraud and provide essential protection for businesses and consumers.

6. Help Boost Your Brand Marketing

ATM paper brand marketing

ATM receipts are often overlooked as a potential marketing tool, they can be a valuable way to promote brand recognition. By printing your logo or company tagline on ATM receipts, you can ensure that your brand is seen by customers every time they make a withdrawal.

In addition, ATM receipts can be used to collect customer feedback and data. Businesses can gain valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences by analyzing the information on ATM receipts. As a result, ATM receipts can be a powerful marketing tool for companies and businesses. When used effectively, they can help to boost sales, build customer loyalty, and gather valuable data.

Final Thoughts

ATM receipts are one of the payment industry’s most commonly used paper products. As a business owner, finding a quality source for your thermal papers and ATM papers is crucial. Not only do we provide easy installation and convenient use, but our fast printing will keep your customers happy. In addition, reduced printing cost means you can keep your prices low without sacrificing quality. Plus, our versatile sizes ensure that our paper is a perfect fit for any brand or model of ATM. Have questions? Sourcing ATM paper at the moment? Message us anytime for a custom quote – we would be happy to help!

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