There has been a massive shift in business transactions and receipting in the recent past, with technological changes taking over every segment of every industry. A growing number of consumers and businesses alike realize the benefits of using electronic money, and hence the need for electronic systems to handle this need has taken over. Computerized systems that help you produce receipts within a matter of seconds have taken over from cumbersome dot matrix printers, and even receipt of electronic money via debit and credit card payments has become simple.

POS Systems For Electronic Receipts

Credit card thermal rolls

A Process Data Quickly terminal, popularly known as a PDQ terminal, is used to process debit and credit card transactions. Receipts from PDQ machines are different from most other POS receipts. As part of your business activities, you might use POS rolls to produce general receipts for jobs handled or products sold. In the case of credit card payment, however, the paper you choose has to be of a particular standard so as to make your receipts valid with financial institutions.

57mm x 40mm Thermal paper roll is the right type of paper for credit card machines, both in terms of size as well as quality. These paper rolls are designed to print in duplicate or even triplicate, so that you have your merchant’s copy of the transaction for clearance, while your customer has a receipt, and you can even keep another copy on file for your accounting books. Most of them are also designed to fit into leading terminals comfortably so that you can print high quality receipts.

Why Use Thermal Rolls For PDQ Terminals?

57 x 40mm Thermal Receipt Paper Rolls

  • You rule out the chances of fraudulent transactions. No matter how well you trust your employees, there is always the risk that the dark side of human nature might take over, or that burglars might strike your cash register and you could lose out big time. In cases such as these, thermal paper rolls can save the day and your business. Since these receipts are printed only when transactions are authorized by a certified credit authority, there is no chance that they can be manipulated.
  • Many POS systems produce receipts that fade away in a matter of days. Thermal rolls, on the other hand, last for a number of years, even decades in some cases. In fact, many manufacturers of 57mm x 40mm thermal paper rolls provide a guarantee for the image life of prints on their paper. This works out well for your customers who would greatly appreciate having receipts that they can file for their own accounting purposes. It also benefits your business because you have your receipts on file for ready reference at any point of time.
  • This paper can be used in different POS terminals, should the need arise. Since thermal rolls that are used in PDQ terminals meet the requirements of different authorities, they can safely be used in other POS terminals.
  • They are available in different grades of paper, at varying lengths. As a business owner, this gives you greater choice as you are not left with just one choice with which you have to go even if you are not comfortable with it.
  • They are cost-effective and you gain much more when you use thermal rolls for your credit card machines. Buying in bulk works well for thermal paper, and all you need to invest in is a one-time charge for the right thermal PDQ terminal to print receipts.

Having considered the benefits of using thermal rolls for PDQ terminals, it is now in your hands to take your business to the next level. You might have been using standard ink printers for your credit card receipts until the present point of time. However, switching over to thermal paper will be good for your business, irrespective of what type of business you specialize in.

Going online to finalize your purchase of 57mm x 40mm thermal paper rolls is a great way in which you can choose the right deal for your requirements. Most of these are available in bulk apart from individual rolls and can be ordered even across continents at great deals, helping you stay in sync with the changing commercial world.

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