Business processes have changed drastically in the recent past. We are living in an instant generation where everyone expects immediate results, instant service, and even instant gratification. As a business person, you need to keep up with the changes, otherwise you risk losing your market share to someone else who is continually adapting to the changes. One such technological change is in receipting. The shift has already taken place from duplicate or triplicate receipts to the revolutionary POS paper rolls. This is a computerized system that can instantly produce a receipt paper for the customers after a purchase. All you need is a computer, a thermal printer, and POS paper roll. Today we want to highlight the advantages of using POS paper rolls in your business.

1. Ease of Use

Credit card thermal rolls

POS paper rolls are small and lightweight to use, you can just pick the rolls from the box, insert it into the printer and begin printing the receipt – all this can be done in a few seconds. When POS paper rolls are working in the printer, they don’t require a ribbon or ink cartridges because they are coating with the chemical layer on its surface, they can deliver the high definition image under the heated printer head.

In addition to saving money by eliminating the need for traditional paper and ink, you can also save quite a bit on maintenance costs. This is because thermal printers have fewer moving components, fewer issues with the paper and therefore don’t require as much maintenance. So it is very easy to use the POS paper rolls in the printer.

2. Transparency

credit card rolls

When using the Point of Sale system, you eliminate the chances of embezzlement. The automated POS system completely makes the transaction transparent. There is no way a sales representative can print out two receipts and in any case, all sales are captured and stored in a database. At the end of the day, everyone is responsible for their sales accounts. As a business owner, the ability to track and verify all sales made ensures you reap the most from your business.

3. Variety

POS paper variety

POS paper rolls come in a variety of sizes and qualities. You can always buy the various POS paper rolls from your paper supplier.

  • Paper roll size – there are different sizes of paper roll that you can use from the smallest 32mm to the largest 80mm. The paper roll size depends on your printer model. For example, the 80mm paper roll size is mostly used for thermal printers, cash registers and Point of Sale systems. And the 57mm paper roll size is mostly used in credit card terminals, mobile payment terminals, etc.
  • Color – you can choose from a white, pink or blue colored paper roll. However, white colored paper rolls are commonly used across industries.
  • Customization – Boring of the plain POS paper receipt? Your POS paper can be branded to stand out in the market. You can print your business logo, brand name, website, promotion or any other information on the POS paper. A branded receipt paper can serve as an advertising tool. When customers glance at the receipt paper, they can see your brand on it, it can deepen your brand impression on the customers’ mind.


So we have looked at some of the advantages of using POS paper rolls that is the ease of use, for transparency purposes and variety of choice. Are you ready to use POS paper rolls for your grocery shops or your restaurants? If you want to buy the premium quality POS paper rolls with a wholesale price, do not hesitate to contact us, our sales team would be glad to help you choose the right size and arrange the delivery for you.